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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Okay, if you were faced with the sand challenge, would you have attacked the way the racers did?

    Personally, once I figured out it was going to be a long challenge, I would have at least gone around the sand poking my shovel in just in case I got a hit. Then I would have tried pushing my shovel in, and dragging it from rope to rope in rows. It might have worked - the scarabs didn't seem like they were buried that deep.

    I keep seeing the Bowling Mom with that huge pile of sand next to her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Okay, if you were faced with the sand challenge, would you have attacked the way the racers did?

    Personally, once I figured out it was going to be a long challenge, I would have at least gone around the sand poking my shovel in just in case I got a hit. Then I would have tried pushing my shovel in, and dragging it from rope to rope in rows. It might have worked - the scarabs didn't seem like they were buried that deep.

    I keep seeing the Bowling Mom with that huge pile of sand next to her.
    You nailed my main fear on its head, hepcat. I was eyeballing that mountain of sand Linda had formed thinking 'what are the chances the danged scarab is buried beneath THAT?'

    I think I would have created some grids to avoid reworking areas I'd already been through, assuming I kept a level head once the others kept finding their scarabs.

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    Hepcat, the Jesus Couple did exactly that - and were one of the last ones to finish the task. The problem is, there were big rocks mixed in, so pretty much anywhere would have "hit". And it was fluffy sand, the chance of you just pushing it out of the way without feeling it is pretty high.

    While I don't condone the way Colin treats Christie, it seems to be the way they communicate - they both admit it, and they both embrace it. Ian and Teri were the same way, and it was clear from the post-show interviews that they loved each other, but maybe didn't express it in a way we've come to expect.

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    Thank God there are more people here who don't like Charla & Mirna...I was beginning to think I was the only one! I just don't see how anyone can watch their behavior and think it's appropriate or warranted. They are just mean to the other teams, combative, and looking for arguements constantly! Then blaming everyone for being "jealous" when it's obvious that no one likes them...so ridiculous.

    I still like Colin & Christie--I think they are strong competitors and are helpful to others, as long as the others aren't C&M. (Showing the other teams what the scarab looked like, encouraging Brandon & Nicole on the donkey trail, etc).

    I'm really rooting for Chip and Kim, though. They have great attitudes and are really picking up their stride. I think they have a good chance!

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    I've liked Mirna less and less with each week. Now I can't stand her. The thing with the cab was really rude. (However, I had to agree with her assessment that Colin has a Napoleon complex, but that's a personal thing. ) I still like Charla, though, and it was nice to see her nag Mirna for a change.

    I respect the moms much more now than before. To go from having no money to being back in the race is impressive.

    Good riddance to the brothers, although I'm mixed on how to feel about their exit. On the one hand, they should've gutted it out, no matter how long it took. On the other hand, Marshall could barely walk.

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    Rembrant... perhaps you've missed a couple of episodes?

    Chip and Kim aren't saints... Chip got in a nasty fight with the twins about.. IIRC.. a cab stealing incident. He's not above conflict.

    Bob made no bones about the fact that he disliked Mirna.

    The brothers got into fights with Mirna.

    Brandon and Nicole dislike Mirna (before and after their car getting stuck incident)
    Yes, dude, I have seen all episodes, I just try to see things on both sides for everybody in it. And this is how I see those points you mentioned:

    Chip & Kim did not do anything illegal by having Chip get in the same cab as one of the twins. Both teams knew they were probably in last place, so I do not blame any of them for wanting to prevent the other team leaving till another taxi arrived. Also, the situation was not nasty at all, Chip & Kim let it go easily and had no problem afterwards, it was the twins who continued to be bitter about it.

    About Bob and Mirna, yeah, they had that squabble, like it can happen to any and all teams in this race. What happened after that? Bob did not pursue the situation any further afterwards and neither did Mirna. End of problem, end of story, end of conflicts.

    The brothers were usually in a bad mood, and it was them who began the fight with Charla & Mirna when they got so angry at the cousins outsmarting them into taking first place in line. Afterwards, all I saw was that everytime Mirna tried talking to the brothers for whatever reason, they snapped at her and went all 'talk to the hand' thingy, not even bothering to give her a chance to talk, creating more animosity.

    Brandon and Nicole do not dislike Charla and Mirna, period. We've seen absolutely zero signs of them disliking one another. In the second leg of the race, they all congratulated each other when they got to the pitstop, and B&N spoke very well about C&M. Despite B&N's blatant lies to C&M in the airport in leg 3, they've had no more squabbling after that and there have been no fights or arguements. Brandon saying that the only ones in the plane not present were sneaky cousins Charla and Mirna, I saw it more as a 'respect joke' as I call it. Looked to me that he called them sneaky in a good way, knowing they had very probably managed to find a better flight and not let anybody else know, a good strategic move by the cousins, which Brandon definitely seemed to acknowledge well, just like Chip & Kim acknowledged B&N's strategic move in leaving their alliance to find a better flight.

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    good points, but... you're original point was that we don't see anyone else having conflicts with Mirna the way that Colin does (and/or the others don't dislike Mirna...) when that was clearly not the case. Others definitely do have a problem with Mirna, but not everyone is as vocal as Colin and the brothers.

    Bob had even mentioned his dislike for Mirna in his interviews both here and in a couple of magazines that I've seen him in.

    If someone tried to steal Chip's cab I cannot see him just being all "oh well, that's okay.." He's proven that he'll stand up for himself.

    Colin seems to be the one that has the most issues with Mirna because of their competitive positioning up to this point. Sure, Colin was rude early on by calling Charla a midget (although.. she IS a midget. It's a common, accepted term.. just not the goofy "PC" term) but they were never neck and neck in the race. He didn't get all out rude with her until she rudely interrupted him at the bus station and then all gloves were off. I dont blame him.. living in close proximity with someone that you have any issues with.. they just seem to grow, justified or not.
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    My two cents:

    I CAN'T STAND Mirna! I kinda like Charla. Like most others, too bad Charla doesn't have a different partner. Her team would probably be in everyone's top 3!

    MIRNA is a LAWYER? I find that HARD to believe.

    I COULDN'T STAND the brothers, and was glad to see them go. The brother with the bad knees (because of his weight no less), had a chair, so what's with the giving up and throwing in the towel? Perhaps the other brother was just tired of doing all the work and made the decision to wimp out instead of FINISHING THE RACE LIKE A MAN!!!

    I REALLY CAN'T STAND Colin, and feel sorry for Christie. He is rude, ignorant, arrogant, mean, and he has a short fuse. That combination is not something to look for (or accept) in a mate. Christy may be afraid of him, you know. His treatment borders on abusive if you ask me. He definitely shows the signs, people. Maybe after seeing this show when the race is all over, Christie will see what an unhealthly relationship she's in, how badly she's being treated, and WAKE UP ALREADY!

    Lastly, DO NOT LIKE like the "Christian couple" AT ALL. AND I'M A CHRISTIAN. Actually, it's Brandon I don't like. He wears his Christianity on his sleeve like a banner, and it's embarrassing. Also, he doesn't treat Nicole all that different than Colin treats Christie if you ask me. He's short and impatient with her, only apologizing AFTER he's said something to hurt her feelings. Not to Christ-like if you ask me. Neither is lying to someone at an airport ......................

    I LOVE Chip! What a great guy! Oh, yeah, and Kim too! (too bad he's already taken). They are my FAVORITE team. But, they may have to get a little ruthless to win. But, I don't think Chip can be ruthless. [which is a good thing] You just can't be ruthless and not also mean, rude, and obnoxious in a race like this.
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    The funniest for me from last night's show...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil_Cutie
    Well, I'm in the serious minority, but I like Colin and Christie. When I saw what Charla and Mirna were doing with the taxi, I also thought,"Ugh, they are so rude!" I guess I don't care so much about their personalities, I just think they are a terrific team and likely to win. Of course, them saying they're going to win is foreshadowing that they don't.

    I love Chip and Kim and I remember back before this show started there was a pole on the front page that asked who you would be cheering for. I picked them as was in the minority. Now everyone loves them. Yay for me, I finally picked a great one preshow! Woo hoo! No cuteness to sway me either(unlike Drew who I only liked him preshow cuz I thought he was cute).

    Brandon and Nicole, well...hmm...I think Nicole has always been the more levelheaded of the 2 and helps Brandon out that way, but obviously next week, that won't be the case. Oh well. I do like them because I think they're another team that has a great shot to win. All of my 3 favorites do. I'm not just picking teams on their likability, but if they're good competitors.

    Of course, at the bottom of my list is Mirna and Schmirna. Yuck. I really really cannot stand them. Mirna...ugh, I predicted after episode one she'd be like Flo and OMG I'm so right. Ick. Charla isn't an angel either. While she's not as bad as her cousin by FAR, she's still...tense and uptight. I can understand why, but it still grates on me. Now she was yelling at Mirna. Why can't they just get along?

    Anyway, isn't it MIRNA who calls Christie a bitch in the next episode? Sheesh, Christie wasn't even the one who was being all that bad to her. She should've at least called Colin a name.

    And what was with her being dillusional to think that Colin is jealous of her? In what land would anyone be jealous of her? I dunno...she's just a nutcase.
    Yeah i guess we're together. I agree with you.

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