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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    You're a maniac, Miss F! *spits on the sidewalk, then realize I'm not on a sidewalk*

    The brothers haven't even shown up yet, so Schmirna have a chance.
    Speaking of spitting, did you see Mirna do that during the argument with Colin over the cab. Very obnoxious insult of the "I spit on you and your family and all generations to come after you" variety. This chick is deranged!
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    Yeah she calls Colin a manaic or something and then spits, looking just discusting. Yes, I've spit, but not after insulting someone! It's like pot, meet kettle!

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    ahhahahahh.. got in late. and just watched it... good riddance Lance/Marshall, and grats on setting a new record low for TAR!
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    I really do not like Mirna. She is very rude, whiny and annoying. Colin and Christie have every right to be rude to them. Mirna expects everyone to bend over backwards for her, she is way too spoiled and needs to learn her place. Hopefully next week Christie tells her off and when the cameras aren't on dumps her in the Nile or something.

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    That was really tempting to push Mirna to the wall and make her go

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    Guys, I've hated Charla and Mirna even more. Geez, they'd messed with my favorite team. :phhht :phhht :phhht :phhht

    What on earth did they called Colin "maniac" and Christie a "bitch"? Colin is just being rude to them because they are sooo annoying and manipulative. Christie didn't touched them a bit. Poor girl...

    I wish Charla and Mirna gone after Tanzania.

    As for my favorite team, Christie and Colin, I wish them all the luck! I believe in my heart and mind that they are for the win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrant
    I myself did not really see any trunk open. It's very obvious that Charla & Mirna knew what they were doing all along, and who can blame them? This is a race for a million bucks, after all, and taking an unattended taxi is perfectly legal. I'd say that they were actually pretty mature at the whole thing. They did lose the taxi, but they did not complain about it. After they spoke to the taxi driver himself (it was he who decided who to take anyway, not Colin with his stupidity about the taxi being his), they got out of the taxi and did not complain about it, and the only reason Charla snapped at C&C was because C&C were simply not shutting their big mouths about it and were acting so damn uncivilized.

    I mean, change the situation. What if the cousins had taken another team's cab, like Chip and Kim's for example? I can definitely see that one being solved simply, politely and with no problems or fights, because it's obvious that level-headed people like Chip & Kim would want a non-conflictive and civilized way of handling that situation, rather than simply go ballistic.

    And I still don't buy this whole thing that 'everybody hates 'Mirna'. She does not get along with the brothers, nor with C&C, and why is that? Because we've seen these four being pretty hostile towards the cousins before, so I myself see it as a good thing that Mirna is willing to stand up to them and make them mad too. Plus the fact that pretty much nobody else has complained about Mirna, not even Bob and Joyce after the airport incident, makes me believe that she's an okay person. She can be a loudmouth at times, won't deny it, though I think what makes Colin so furious is that a girl is standing up to him and fighting back. So far this guy has been a domineering jerk with Christie, so I'm not surprised that he gets furious at the girl who won't take any crap from him.
    Rembrant... perhaps you've missed a couple of episodes?

    Chip and Kim aren't saints... Chip got in a nasty fight with the twins about.. IIRC.. a cab stealing incident. He's not above conflict.

    Bob made no bones about the fact that he disliked Mirna.

    The brothers got into fights with Mirna.

    Brandon and Nicole dislike Mirna (before and after their car getting stuck incident)

    Mirna definitely complained about Colin and Christie at the taxi... calling him a maniac all over again. (Yes, Christie called them maniacs as well), but Mirna was not completely accepting of the fact that they were stealing a taxi with the trunk indeed open and C&C's bags sitting in plain sight. Yes, in NYC it's pretty common for people to jump in a cab when someone has only just gotten out, but you also have to get your butt politely back out when that person tells you that they're having the cab held for them while they run into a store quickly. It's called common courtesy.

    Everyone seems to keep treating each of these incidents as unique.. wonderign why Colin can't just *get over it*. Lest we all forget, we get a week break in between Mirna's actions. Colin is facing her day in and day out and I'm sure the anger just perpetually builds. Day after day she tries to steal places in line, butts into conversations or tries to steal conversations, tries to steal cabs, acts entitled, etc... Just like living with Jase in BB5 24/7 must be complete and utter misery...I would imagine dealing with someone like Mirna in such close proximity must be tough as well.
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    Am I the only one who is NOT DISGUSTED with how Lance and Marshall decide to call it quits and had Phil come to them to be eliminated? Seriously, if I were them, with the injury and knowledge of it all, it not's worth the time to find the scarab or the trip to the pit stop when you can just sit a wicker chair and take the loss. I dont think the fact that they knew they lost was why they quit. Did you notice how slow they were throughout the whole leg? They lost the energy to continue.

    I for one am NOT disgusted at all. I kind of felt sorry for Marshall (if he's the one with the bad knees). I think he really tried to push through his pain for as long as he could. I also give credit to his brother for doing all the tasks and trying to make it as easy as he could for his brother. I don't think they lost energy, I just saw it as Marshall simply couldn't WALK anymore. If anyone out there has had a similiar problem with their knees, they could probably understand this better. I don't have this problem, but I know people that do have similiar physical problems.

    I think it was fine that they stopped where they were, they knew they were last and he just couldn't physically make it to the end.

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    Wow. You go to the pit stop, dudes. Even if you know you've lost - which is TOTALLY why I think they gave up. They can use that pain excuse all they want, but they seemed more frustrated that they couldn't find the scarab and it was "a waste of my time" to keep looking when all other sections being torn up told them they were last.

    The only thing better would have been if Mirna would have come in last and L&M could have gone next week. Oh well, I can always hope that she'll be out of there next week so we aren't subject to having so much footage of them each week for the rest of the season.
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    BTW, is it really the first time Phil has gone out from the pit stop and eliminated a team? I seem to recall he did something like that in the first season, but I'm not sure.

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