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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired
    I think all of America would be pulling for Charla if she had a different partner.
    I know I would.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    True Osten was not in any pain. but there was the possibility of him going on for several more days. these two jokers KNEW THEY WOULD BE OFF THE SHOW anyway so they just quit. in fact now that i think about it, i think THAT makes them even worse than Osten. They did not have the dignity of Bob and Joyce OR any OTHER team on TAR 1-4 who KNEW they were last but still continued on to the checkpoint...

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I have even MORE respect for Bob and Joyce than I did before. They knew they were last, and Joyce ate TWO POUNDS of caviar that most of the contestants couldn't choke down for the lead, just to finish the game with a little class.
    I'm so happy I could finally agree with you on something, John. We are clearly 180 degrees opposite on both Mirna and Colin, but I have nothing but admiration and good wishes for Bob and Joyce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I thought it was funny that Colin and Christie wasted the fast forward, only to have everyone catch up at the airport.

    I hope that comes back to bite them in the butt.
    Amen to that!!!
    Kick some ass...get some later...

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    First think I said to my wife. I loved it that the fast forward was a bust for them.
    ##doin a little HA! dance##

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    Finally, I just knew they'd be gone, I knew those legs would be their downfall! Byebye, pesky, irritating brothers, Marshall & Lance! Thank goodness they finally got kicked out. I think it was really pathetic how they decided to quit rather than finish the leg like every other team's always done. Even Team Guido and The Gutsy Grannies never quit despite how far behind they were, but these two bros can't even tough it up. I would say I feel sorry for them, but I most definitely do not.

    Linda & Karen, I knew they could pull through, and I'm so incredibly pleased! They totally deserved staying and did well even with the new no money rule for that leg on them.

    Charla & Mirna had trouble with the challenges yet still pulled through, I'm especially glad Mirna decided to tough it through her claustrophobia at the beginning, even if she clearly disliked it. Great for them, they're still my favorites. Chip & Kim have now climbed to my top 3 teams, they are just so fun and likeable. I must admit the twins definitely improved, and personally I'm glad to see them finally do better, but they really need to stop getting lost and get a clue! Not to mention that one of them falling down on their way to the pitstop was incredibly hilarious, even the locals were laughing.

    And now for my rant of hatred:

    Colin & Christie have reached new heights of low. I started liking them at first, even though they were almost non-existant, but right now I cannot stand them. Colin not only looks like a deranged serial killer, he acts like one too. The taxi incident left me with a better view on Charla & Mirna way more than it did on Colin & Christie. Charla & Mirna simply wanted to gain an advantage by taking a taxi, something anybody would do, it's legal and not against the rules, plus C&C left the taxi unattended, and it's the taxi driver's decision if he wants to transport the cousins or not. I think C&C could've handled it a lot better than just lose their marbles, and now I see Christie as a primadonna with bad attitude, which she loses instantly once Colin's around. I definitely agree with Mirna on saying Christie's just a little submissive girl when next to Colin.

    Even though they missed out on their chance to use the taxi, Charla & Mirna accepted it calmly, simply stepping out of the car, while C&C continued acting like absolute maniacs. Colin's extreme arrogance at keeping the taxi made it even more despicable to me. One thing would've been to be relieved at not losing their ride, another is to boast about it so damn much, that grin on his face made me gag.

    Then there was Colin acting like an [mod edit] again and pushing Mirna on that line, and not just her, but Brandon too, who did not look pleased at all. That, coupled with the preview of next week's episode where we see Christie trying to prevent Charla and Mirna from entering the airport, made me choose a new nickname for Colin & Christie: Team Guido part Deux. Trying to take an unattended taxi is one thing, but blocking a team like that is just disgusting.
    Last edited by John; 08-11-2004 at 06:45 AM.

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    Well Said rembrandt.

    Colin and christie are truly slimeballs. I'm predicting that Christie will at some time in the future absolve herself by saying 'Colin did all that, I never did'.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired
    I can't stand Mirna. She's is prototypical lawyer -- loves to argue and is always right. Even though I can't stand her, I think I'd want her defending me in a major lawsuit though. She's just fiesty enough to get me my huge settlement.

    My dislike for Mirna is balanced out by my respect for Charla. When most people her size would sit by and watch the "normal" people do the race, she goes against the odds and joins in. I have the utmost respect for her grit and determination. How many of us could have carried that 50+ pound side of beef on our backs for that distance? The girl's a real trooper.

    I know a lot of people are irritated about her using her size to her benefit. I think all the contestants use traits to their benefit. I think Chip and Kim will have a benefit next week being the only African Americans in a predominantly black culture. I think they'll use it to their full advantage. Christie and Miss Texas also wouldn't hesitate to use their looks if they needed to. Teams in the past have certainly used theirs when it was beneficial.

    Regardless of how she uses her size, Charla still would not beat any of these teams in a foot race. That still puts her at a disadvantage in actually winning. I still give the girl props for attempting it.

    I think all of America would be pulling for Charla if she had a different partner. I liken them to Flo and Zack. Who in America didn't like Zack and who didn't hate Flo? In the end, you just wanted Zack to get all the money and push Flo off a cliff. I think we'd all like the same thing for Charla.
    As I've said before, I both admire and slightly dislike Charla. She does a lot that's admirable, but for me that doesn't counteract her bad traits. It just means that she's complex and not a stereotype.

    This, of course, is versus Mirna. John practically took the words out of my mouth before about her. There's every indication that she's a pretty crappy person. Heck, I don't even like the way she treats Charla, and that's been one of the things used to defend her. I see condescension instead of protectiveness.

    Chip and Kim are the only team I've CONSISTENTLY liked. Even Kim's dislike of getting her hands dirty hasn't phased me, because she truly seemed sorry about it--she has some level of self-awareness about it. That's always a plus in my book. Plus, she's never even ONCE undercut her husband when HE had to perform the challenges. She wasn't a backseat driver when she wasn't doing the work.

    For me, they are like the "clown team" of this year. Not that they are like clowns, but I think they are JUST good enough to hang in, but not ruthless enough to win. They will go down being my favorite, even if Colin & Christie wind up taking it to the end, like I fully expect.
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    I don't know if this was said, but how can a charter flight be delayed. I think the producers had something to do with it...

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    Chartered flights are no better than regular flights. Just as much victims of ATC as any other flight

    but you can't rule out cbs, i mean, they CHARTERED the flight did they not??

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