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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    First question in the interview
    "So, how does it feel to join the ranks of Osten and Susan in quitting your way out of a dream opportunity?????"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo
    No, it was Mirna. She dug in the giant sandbox for the scarab.
    I wonder who would have actually bull raced among those 2 in the leg in India last season What a random question

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    hmmm I'm wondering if they're going to South Africa next. It looked like the townships that are located there. Plus it was cool seeing Chip and Kim interact positively with the locals there.

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    Even 'the big lie' Jon is better than a quitter!!!

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    1. Colin & Christie
    2. Chip & Kim
    3. Kami & Karli
    4. Brandon & Nicole
    5. Charla & Mirna
    6. Linda & Karen
    Eliminated with extreme prejudice: Marshall & Lance

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    Miracle of the week

    "3. Kami & Karli "

    The morale of this episode is even the brainless can get lucky!

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    (fondly wishing that Fanatic's listing would have read "Eliminated with extreme prejudice: Marshall & Lance")

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorahl
    I don't think Phil hsould have dignified them by even showing up. He should have sent a crew member to tell them to leave.
    remember TAR#1? Bert and Ernie were told by a note in a TAR box.
    Weren't they like, two days behind? And in Alaska?

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    About one day behind, if I remember correctly.

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    I am probably going to get flamed for this one. Let me just start by saying that Lance and Marshall were certainly not my favs. But this guy had pushed through that last two episodes in obvious pain. Had he waited for his brother to finish they still had know idea how far they may or may not of had to walk to the pit stop. I think part of it was they knew they were last anyway but I think they also wanted to spare the poor guy anymore pain.

    I am sure that scenario was probably offered up to them. I mean for Phil to come out there. I don't think they would have thought of it themselves. I also think that if the crew, producers,or even Lance and Marshall themselves thought they could finish they would have. I think that it was kind of sad that this has never happened and they had to be the first.

    I think that that Marshall was very gracious to Lance. (not sure I am getting the brothers right). I mean, and I am being honest, if my sister had ruined my chance at a million I would have been screaming at her to move her a**! Obviously he knew that his brother was in real pain. I think if he was not truly unable we would have seen an all out brawl or at least some yelling and screaming at each other. But he did not once raise his voice or even get sarcastic with his brother. I think even though these to come across as complete morons, jerks ( I could go on all night). When it came to one another they showed brotherly love.

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