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Tonight's episode was sad for me, C&M were nearly last, and Colin and Christie were first again *sighs*! I don't know why Colin didn't let them have the Taxi, they didn't even use it. I think he is just an butthole heh :D. Kami and Karli finally did pretty good and hooray for the moms for not being eliminating.

Detour, both looked crazy. I mean do they really have to ride the donkey hehe. Nicole was killing her donkey too lol.

Roadblock looked sooo hard, it was like in a corner and everyone went near the middle. I was really suprised that no one knew was a scarab was, not even the lawyer Mirna !?!? O_o I was shocked to see the brothers quit :/.

Next week, if Colin shoves MIrna, i hope he get's penalized. He will be definitely the most hated person in my mind for eternity lol.