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Thread: Favorite Quotes

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    LOL nice post NBCDaytime Fan! I think you forgot a great Kelly quote from Amazing Race 4 though:

    "Are you retarded? How many Beethoven's do you think there are in this Earth??"
    -Kelly, during their search for Beethoven's house. AR4

    I also really liked these quotes:

    "Go Twins Go!"
    "Yeah, Right."
    -Chip, Kami, during the leg after their taxi cab incident. AR5

    "Are you sure you know what the color white looks like?"
    -Lance, during Marshall's folley at the Chocolate factory. AR5

    "I can't believe both Blake and Wil did that..."
    "I can."
    -Paige, Tara, during Wil and Blake's folley at a roadblock. AR2

    "You're an asshole."
    "You're an idiot."
    -Wil, Tara, almost all the time. AR2

    "Oh crap! Look! There's the midget!"
    -Allison, when they saw Charla beat them to a route info. AR5

    "You have to get me there quick...I'm being confirmed into a Jew."
    -Dave, when begging to get on a flight. AR2

    If I think of any more I'll post them.

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    I think the quote used in the previews for the episode in Russia was from CBS and not from any contestants. Anyways, here are some more quotes from last night's episode and the one on 8/17:

    "Bitch, move out of the way..." -Mirna to the Witch
    "Colin!!" -The Witch herself

    "I think we have to swim..." -Kami to Karli before the backstroke

    "What took you so long?" -Kami to Karli/Karli to Kami
    "That guy kept going in circles... I had to pretend that I was sick so he could bring me down..." -reply from the other twin

    "Don't hit me!!!" -Nicole to a local

    "Baby! I want to have kids..." -Brandon on the donkey

    "This is fun for me..." -Charla as she made her way through a tunnel

    "One question at a time for the people, Mirna..." -Charla
    "He had good gold teeth though..." -Mirna's reply

    Here's a few from the Insider videos:

    "Am I Blind Kami, am I blind?!?" -Karli after getting poked in the eye by a goat

    "F & F & F & F & F & F & F..." -Mirna reffering to Colin and Christie

    "Where the **** are those yellow rocks?!?!"
    "Stop saying ****!"
    "Don't tell me to stop saying **** when you're saying ***!"
    "Let's calm down and and look for these rocks..."
    "I'm looking, b****! You're just standing there!"
    "You wanted to to do this ****ing show! I didn't want to do this show, you wanted to do this show!!!"

    =Hours Later=

    "We thought the puzzles was for something else..."
    "We thought it was there to make it look.... ancient... old and stuff"
    "Thanks guys"

    -Kami and Karli, the later part was with Chip and Kim but only the twin's quotes

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    i have alot haha... mostly from mirna and charla

    Charla-"i feel sooooooooooooooo pro-tected!"

    Charla-"thanks alot mirna for not drinking vadca"

    Mirna-"put the damn thing in your mouth,shove it!"

    Mirna-"what the hell is that a jockstrap?"

    Charla-"my ass is to big!"

    Nicole-"shut up i dont even want you to talk to me"

    Linda-"Screw that one damnit Karen!"

    Chip"geza plazaaaa"

    Mirana-"dont push me again where the hell did that guy go?"

    Mirna-"have you ever done anybody in your life a favor?"

    Mirna-"we dont need you we have ourselfs and god"

    Mirna-"CHARLA RUN!!!!!!"

    Alison-"we didnt pass by three checkpoints! donny you know what? were done"

    Chip-"i think so boobiecooper"

    the twins-"we love chip and kim..."we love linda and karen.." any one else????

    colin-"do you wanna mix it with the juice why dont you want to mix it?
    christie-"just because!just leave me alone!

    Mirna-"we stink as usual"

    Mirna-"who was that? they yelled bitch"

    Marshall-"i hate her sooo much,you watch when i have the chance i will get her back"
    (never did) haha

    Chip-"then i will just stay up here" Bob-"we all know what you doing big setup chip big set up buddy"

    Mirna-"charla shes mad cause she has buisness to do"

    and my most current favorite!
    Mirna-move bitch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by b00tyc00per
    "This roadblock requires patience and a keen eyes."

    Colin: "That's me"
    Yeah, did you see the "huh?" look that Christie gave him when he said that? Priceless!

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    Oh yeah...

    Brandon: "Chip, hook a brother up!"

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    (apologies in advance for spelling)

    Joyce (to dogs): Vamoose!
    Bob: All their vam has moosed.


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    Oh, and I almost forgot....

    Phil (to twins): Most teams just walked across the shallow part there....


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    Mirna: I'm gonna die... Im gonna die... (i was waiting... shucks!)

    Brandon:Baby, I wanna have kids... (wahahahaha)

    Charla: THAT's the bad one!

    not on the show but on the interview...
    Donnie: good one, but no... (WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

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    can't quite remember the exact quote...
    Charla(while going down the pyramid): This is fun... (or something like that)

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    "F & F & F & F & F & F & F..." -Mirna reffering to Colin and Christie
    Managed to see this one today at my local internet cafe, and damn was it embarrasing when everybody there stared at me from laughing so hard. Definitely my favorite quote this entire season.

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