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Thread: *possible spoiler* Team Interview might have revealed a Final Three team

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    Some interviews actually can reveal which team is eliminated at the end of that episode, because you can see that their eyes are watery and they do not look happy at all, so you can just assume that they had been eliminated at the end

    e.g Jon and Al and Millie and Chuck in TAR4, on the episodes which they had been eliminated

    I don't think CBS would do such a mistake to revealing which team would complete in the finals, they keep it very secret, and I'm quite impress with how they keep the results without anyone either then people involving in the race knows!

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    haha observant is always great! .

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    I don't think the interview was on another leg. The backround looked like the backround of Charla and Mirna's introduction shot, and Charla was wearing a suit

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