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Thread: No Strong Male Team

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    Concerning nairb247's wonderful statistics of the number of men/women in the final three, as even as it sounds with six all male teams and six couple teams, if you add the fourth place team, you happen to get four more all male teams added.

    Season One - Kevin/Drew
    Season Two - Oswald/Danny
    Season Three - Derek/Drew
    Season Four - Jon/Al
    Season Five - Gawd, I hope Lance/Marshall don't make it this far.

    The point? Nothing other than to showcase that as a whole, spanning all the seasons, the all male teams do fare better than the couple teams and all female teams.

    P.S. - Season two had 3 all female teams. Hillary/Deidre, Peggy/Claire, Mary/Peach
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    WHOA!!! Nair were you serious when you said Flo was deserving? Or where you just being sarcastic?
    sarcasim runs amuck in most of my posts. Unfortulatley you can't read sarcasim. Of Course I was being sarcastic.

    Would you rather see another boring and fit alpha male team? Even if David and Jeff were good looking they were invisible.
    Agree, I never did figure out who was who on that team. I have no problem with male/male teams but give me a team that has some personality.

    I agree that this may be the most interesting cast, Charla and Mirna, love em or hate em, are great for the show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by daflyinelk
    Really? But hasn't one brother injured a leg by walking to a route marker? Then again, maybe their just out of shape, but when they get going their strong...still, I need an example to in order for me to say this the brothers are a "strong" team.

    To me, a strong team is a competitive team. It's that simple. But clearly, the brothers aren't in particularly good physical condition.

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    well a strong male team won last year haha

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    Well, the "All Male" team has now gone bye-bye!

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    Xantham Gum
    Interesting theory about people getting tired of seeing one sex win all the time and the network trying to change that.

    Can CBS also manipulate Big Brother and Survivor too, so that we don't have another boring, predictable season of all the strong men being voted out first, leaving only the female majority and the gay/sneaky/otherwise-seen-as-not-threatening lone male to decide which woman will ultimately win?

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