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Thread: HELP: Application Video Tips from Past AR Participants/Finalists?

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    HELP: Application Video Tips from Past AR Participants/Finalists?


    I am new here, but have been following TAR since #1. My husband and I have said since half way through the very first episode how much we'd LOVE to do it!!! (And he is even anti-reality shows). We just SO see ourselves there doing each leg of each season. But we've always been hesitant over the length of time required to be gone from work.

    Anyway, we finally decided to submit the application for the next one and run with it and let the chips fall where they may with our jobs and finances if we, by some off chance, get picked. It would be a once in a lifetime kind of experience! (Kind of scary being in California with a huge mortgage payment on an small, old house.)

    Question: We were wondering where we might find tips from people whose applications have actually been picked for semi-finalist interviews, finalist interviews, or even better, been picked to participate in a past episode...

    Are any of those past videos posted online anywhere to kind of get the creative juices flowing on what direction to take or get a feel for what the producers are looking for?

    Thanks so much for any help here!!!

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    don't try to sound like a know it all. Like, if you say that you know how to do all this stuff, you the best at this and that, then you probably won't be very interesting to watch. Just be yourselves, sorry I can't be more help.

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    Not a previous contestant or anything like that, but I have seen audition tapes (mostly for Survivor), and from what I've seen, reality shows like people who are up for anything. People who wouldn't shy away from bungee jumping in New Zealand, eating raw baby octopi in Thailand (or someplace like that), heading down into the bowels of an ancient tomb in Egypt, and, based on what I've seen of past TARs, the more road rage you seem to possess when you drive, the better your chances of getting in.

    I might be wrong in assuming that reality show execs like this stuff, but those are the people I like to watch on TAR.
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    TAR4 ATC Dave
    Sometimes they just like people who say "f*ck" a lot in their application.



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    That makes me wonder if I should complete my video part of the application now when I'm 15 and mail it in when I'm 21...might add something that might want the producers to pick me for the race ^_^.

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    Questions like "what should I do for my audition tape were answered by ATC Dave in the thread Everything you wanted to know about TAR but were afraid to ask which can be found in Forums under >Purgatory >Sub-Forums > The Amazing Race

    There is a lot of helpful stuff in there ...

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    2ctheworld, thanks for the info on the other thread! It does have a lot of great info!!! Unfortunately I had to leave on vacation before I got your message. Hopefully our video was good enough. We recorded it while we were gone and dropped it off at the mailhouse on our way home on the 10th, the day before it was due.

    Are there any TAR5 contestants posting on this board or any other? Just curious...

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    There are probably a few TAR5 racers trying to be hidden.

    I know one on this board goes by the user name: Tickle. I can't tell which team it is, but I think its Kami or Karli.
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    Your chances of getting on the show improve if you are:
    ultra religious
    a twin
    a dwarf

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    Well, that's funny. I've only seen 1 gay team, 1 "ultra religious" team, 1 twin team, and I know for a fact, there's only been 1 little person.... LOL
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
    "You have to do it. You have to accomplish your dreams." - Charla, The Amazing Race 5

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