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Thread: Audition Tape Ideas

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    Audition Tape Ideas

    Hi Everyone,
    I just found this board and would like to start a new thread. For all of you who will never apply and for those of you who are too young to apply, what would your audition tape be like? I am seriously considering applying and have come up with an idea but would love to know what people are thinking....So FUN!!
    Be Well and i'd love to read wacky ideas.

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    Im just not that into you AmandaFabulous's Avatar
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    you better hurry. audition tapes for TAR 7 are due in by August 11th.
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    I know, the clock is ticking.

    I am a professional procrastinator!

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    Well I've seen some interviews with some of the people that review the tapes and they've basically said don't go out of your way to make it too wacky or too original, because they want to see YOU and get a feel for YOU and they can't do that if there's too much distraction & clowning around on the tapes...

    So perhaps bare that in mind when you make it... make it original but not so original that they can't focus on you. I heard that a lot of the tapes they pick out are the ones where people mainly talk a little about themselves which are more informative than goofy.

    Don't take my word for it though, just repeating what I've heard in interviews and stuff... Good luck with your tape, let us know if you get picked!!

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