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Thread: Favorite Teams?

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    Rate the remaining teams from favorite to least favorite.

    I'd love for either of these two teams to win:
    #1. Chip and Kim (they seem like good people, and I think that their team is strong)
    #2. Charla & Mirna

    I wouldn't mind seeing any of these three teams win:
    #3. Nicole & Brandon
    #4. Linda & Karen
    #5. Kami & Karli

    I most definitely do not want either of these two teams in the final three:
    #6. Colin & Christie (he's way too intense)
    #7. Marshall & Lance (at that point in time, they'll probably be more obnoxious than entertaining to me)

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    Hey, first time here...
    Teams I wanna win:
    -----Charla and Mirna-----
    -----Chip and Kim-----
    ---They totally rock!!!---
    Teams that are o.k....:
    ---Linda and karen---
    ---Kami and karli---
    ---Colin and Christie---
    ---they're ok... i guess---
    Teams that i don't wanna win:
    ---The Brothers--- slow,lazy,annoying...its an endless list...
    ---Brandon and Nicole--- starting to get on my nerves...

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