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Thread: Favorite Teams?

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    Nevermind Lotuslander's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Lotusland of course
    Thrilled if they win
    1. Charla and Mirna

    Happy with winning
    2. Chip and Kim, I like this couple, and would be happy if they win
    3. The bowling Moms, it would be a great underdog strory if they make a comeback

    4. Kammi & Karli ( wasn't their a recent movie about drag queens with these names

    Minor Disgust
    5. Marshall & Lance

    Major Disgust
    6. Brandon & Nicole

    Boycotting CBS
    7. Colin & Christie

    Note to CBS, please no more ex-beauty queens on reality shows.............give us real people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

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    i'd love to see charla and mirna win, or the twins.

    i wouldn't mind chip and kim, or the bowling moms.

    i could live with colin and christie.

    i don't want the brothers or brandon and nicole to win.
    "...Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder..."

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    My two favorites based on the what I've seen:

    1. Colin and Christie
    2. Brandon and Nicole


    3. Chip and Kim
    4. Linda and Karen

    I don't want them to win, but they do entertain me:

    5. Charla and Mirna
    6. Kami and Karli (their cluelessness annoys me more than entertains me)

    I hope they get eliminated soon:

    7. Lance and Marshall

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    I'd love for either of these two teams to win:
    #1. Chip & Kim
    #2. Charla & Mirna

    I wouldn't mind seeing any of these three teams win:
    #3. Chip & Kim
    #4. Charla & Mirna
    #5. Linda & Karen

    I most definitely do not want either of these two teams in the final three:
    #6. Brandon & Nicole
    #7. Colin & Christie

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    You've got Chip & Kim listed twice...What's you're opinion of the brothers?

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    I would like for either Chip/Kim, or Charla/Mirna to win, well really Charla, not Mirna, but I know that she can not win with out Mirna. The team that I would not like to win is the Twins, I just do not like their personality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thonolan

    You've got Chip & Kim listed twice...What's you're opinion of the brothers?
    oh i cant list one team twice? im sorry hehe um the brothers? their gonna be gone soon their weak and espeacially Marchall cause of his knees thats going to slow them down and all they complain about it "Mirna and shyrmna"

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    Thrilled if they win- Charla & Mirna
    Cool if they win- Chip & Kim
    Happy if they win- Linda & Karen
    Just okay if they win- Kami & Karli
    Not happy if they win- Brandon & Nicole
    Angry if they win- Colin & Christie
    Furious if they win- Marshall & Lance

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    Hi guys, DaFlyinElks back!

    It seems as if I've missed a lot too! After getting caught up on the three episodes that I missed while I was away, I must admit: I'm shocked that the team I had picked to come in second (Kami and Karli) are still here! LOL, that being said here's my list of who I'd love to win in order:

    1. Chip and Kim: This has nothing to do with race. Chip and Kim have proven to me that the first two legs were unlucky breaks and this team is strong when confident. They have every essential component to win the thing too- a strong, brash man and a quiet, wise woman. The combination of the two opposites makes a deadly pair. Plus, they just started getting nice to the other teams (made up with KK and tried to be nice to Team God )

    2. Linda and Karen: To see a winning team be the team that laughed and had fun the whole way through would be quite a feat. I'm not hooked on their chemistry and personality by a long shot, but they're a nice, funny team that knows how to take advantage of lucky breaks.

    3. Kami and Karli: Ahh...the Teri and Ian of Amazing Race 5 (or so I hope ). They, just like Teri and Ian, looked like a very weak team and constantly ended up in the lower-tier of the racing teams. However, come final six and these two started racing like pros. I think the same will happen with Kami and Karli, of whom I wouldn't mind seeing win the whole dang thing.

    4. Christie: Oh yeah, and Colin. Although at times I get very annoyed at him. Your way too intense man. Take the caviar (spelling?) incident for example. Look kid, your soon-to-be wife had a mental breakdown at a difficult task, and you decide that all will be better if you say, "C'mon Christie! You gotta keep eating! The teams are catching up!" No! What you should have done is what my least liked person in this Amazing Race (cough Brandon cough) did to his partner...comforted her and told her to take her time. Heck, he even allowed her to sleep for a while to gain back her energy. But when you guys got to the pit stop aggravated (spelling?) me the most. While your mouth said, "I'm so proud of Christie", your face said, "We could've done better if she would've just eaten that stupid caviar." Not good. So if this team wins, yay Christie! Boo Colin...and for once Colin at least TRY to look happy when Phil tells you that your in first place...sheesh...

    5. Charla: Uhh...and Mirna too I guess. I put her down here because I've decided to throw away the fact that Charla's a small person and regarded this team as any regular team. That being said, Mirna, your a jerk (I would've placed a stronger word, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to cuss). I would like to see this team go far for Charla's sake, but for Mirna's, I hope they don't win.

    6. Brandon and Nicole: I don't know...this team confuses me. I started warming up to this team come episode four (the whole caviar incident was sweet), but the previous episodes I've disliked them. My confusion towarsd this team puts them low in my list.

    7. Marshall and Lance: Well, your jokes have goten better...slightly...but stop criticizing (spelling?) for God's sake.

    Well that was a long post! Congrats to all who read it! And remember...I'm baaack! <---(closest thing that looked like an evil laugh)

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    Happy Dance & buy everyone a Drink if:
    Colin & Christie[their hardwork s/d be paid off;plus i know its weird,i have a little crush on creepy Colin [small voice]]

    chip & kim:good ppl w/ golden hearts

    stil happy w/o drinks if :

    Moms,clueless Twins, :rolleyes

    will freak out then...i have not decided it,but CBS ...pls don't let it happen:

    Team Jesus[always get me the wrong way]
    PIzza Bros[can u like a replica of Gary and Dave?]
    Shmirna & Mirna:Mirna is my least favor Female of all time in TAR. :phhht
    i can bear Flo,but Mirna,she got on my nerves since the very beginnin' :phhht

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