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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Seems I'm Lost.
    Plus, they (C&C) missed seeing the pyramids and the sphinx - too bad - that must have been breathtaking.

    Loved the twist re: taking the Moms $ - wish it had been the brothers, though - don't think they'd garner much $ or sympathy insulting their way through the country

    Why do I like Charla/Mirna team so much??? Oh yeah, its Charla I like - Mirna still grates on my last nerve (although for finding a better flight). SO torn - do I root for Charla to win or Mirna to lose
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    Quote Originally Posted by ADKLove
    Plus, they (C&C) missed seeing the pyramids and the sphinx - too bad - that must have been breathtaking.
    Since the Pitstop was at the Sphinx (& right next to the pyramids), Colin & Christie didn't miss anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQFreak
    When they first decided on the FF, I thought, "What the hell are you doing?!?" but then I realized that with only 2 FFs, waiting would mean sacrificing your chance to get ahead by many hours.
    Well they've pretty much wasted a FF if teams bunch up again next episode(and I hope so). I really dislike Colin and Christie. Way to go for Charla and Mirna for arriving 2nd place. I was literally clapping for them throughout the show b/c they're so entertaining. Eat their dust, brothers!

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    Charla is amazing....Mirna can be a bit annoying but together they are so much fun to watch. Favourite team and I hope they make it the finale episode...i can't see them winning it all however because of Charlas size but Charla has everything to be proud of on how shes done so far ...shes just an awesome person.

    Bowling moms begging for money next episode....this is going to be funny lol!

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    I don't see how using the fast forward was a dumb move. Sure the fast forward is great for teams that are behind, but as we saw today, they have a low likelihood of getting it since teams ahead will usually want to keep it for themselves. The fact that there are only 2 in the game, means that if you ever let the first one by, you will lose your exclusivity to any fast forward at that point and the next one will be up for grabs. You'll be competing with all the other teams for the next one. If you're hoping you'll get to the second one in a time of need, you most likely won't since chances are teams ahead already got it.

    The new 2 fast forward rule made the whole fast forward issue non-strategic. One reason is the second fast forward is an obvious no-brainer to grab, since there will be no other ones after it - any team that sees it (that hasn't used the first one) will use it.

    So that leaves 1 fast forward to have to make a decision on - the first one. Whether you're first or last, grabbing that first fast forward gives all these benefits:

    1. You gain time. No matter where you are in terms of position, those extra minutes you just got, could let you squeeze into a future hours-of-operation challenge or get that last second flight that can put you hours ahead of the game. The farther forward you are, the better.

    2. You make sure other teams don't grab it. Now that you've grabbed the fast forward, there will only be one left in the entire game. The less chances other teams have of gaining time, the better.

    3. You may never see one again. Even if you're first now, you aren't guaranteed to be first in the future, and you can only hope you'll be one team out of many others to see the next one first. Small chance.

    When you chose to forego the first fast forward you are basically saying "We will likely find the one and only fast forward left first (you have to be first since no team will reach it first and forego it, they have no choice)" But that simply isn't true.

    What do you pick: 100% guaranteed advancement forward or less than 100% (much less) chance of seeing a fast forward again?
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    I've grown to really like Charla. At the beginning, I figured they'd be out by the second pit stop. She was right - people understimate her. She's carrying the weight here, though, doing most of the challenges. Mirna seems to always find some way to weasel out of it. Notice Charla was quick to recognize the need to place the puzzle pieces on the map - I think she clued into that faster than anybody. Good thing they got there in time to choose the camels over dragging the stones. Don't know how they would have managed THAT. I think there's every reason to believe this team just might win!

    Re "Lost", I believe that began just before 9/11 and, thus, the series was cancelled. Another poster commented on seeing the finale, but I believe there's some confusion here. It's my understanding the series was scrapped and never aired after 9/11. It was a shame because it was fascinating.

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    I loved this episode because of the scenery. The Hermitage looked so beautiful and elegant, and I loved the shots in the street with the snow coming down, and then the contrast with hot, dry, Egypt, the shots of Charla and Mirna in the twilight with the Pyramids in the background, and even, the "tomb raider' sequence. The producers did a great job. I still don't like the way Colin treats Christie, it's like she's his 12 year old daughter rather than his girlfriend. I liked how Chip and Kim helped the twins, and Chip's Prodigal Son almost rap song he was doing in the museum. Did you notice the brothers never even gave the Rembrandt a glance, once they found it. One of the most famous paintings in the world, and they didn't take 5 seconds to actually look at it. What a waste. Mirna and Charla sneaking away while the others slept, was hilarious, little thieves in the night. There is no way they can't win this thing. So what if Mirna didn't do the detour, she's claustrophobic, and I thought Charla's height might be an advantage if there happened to be smaller holes they'd have to crawl through.

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    Man I wanted the moms to beat the twin(kie)s so bad. just glad they got an NEL. sad that they have no money, but it looks like they bunch up again. i thought useing the fast forward was good, if you in the lead, a bigger lead might be better and if you need a flight out, cairo airport is the main hub I would think. flights out all day and night, maybe {remembering that sydney airport shuts down at 11pm} but how ever they bunch up i hope the moms can slide by the twins. I can't beleive those tow tugged 600 #s before the moms got there. I was sure they would pass by the sticks on that trial.

    Oh and my wife even agrees, Charla is the stronger of those two by far and Mirna is a b***h

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    I agree Lotuslander, the scenery made this episode so awesome! The architecture was so breathtakingly beautiful that if I were playing it would be so tempting to stop to take it all in. I guess that's one of the downfalls of being a contestant, you get to go to so many wonderful places, yet you can't really stop to enjoy them.

    Since my team Bob and Joyce came in last the previous week I'm on the Chip and Kim bandwagon. I love the way they encourage and talk to each other. They showed such great teamwork during the last challenge with the weights. Chip was a trooper last week with the caviar and was a good Samaritan helping out two teams this week. Go 'head Chip and Kim!
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    Great episode tonight, I don't think Linda and Karen will have what it takes to come back next week with no money. Unless they get a taxi and jump out with a tuck and roll to skip paying. Colin and Christie and Chip and Kim are looking to be the front runners of this race with Brandon and Nicole close behind. As much as I hate to say it Charla and Mirna are a very strong team, Charla ponies up while her cousin wusses out at everything. As much as I hate to say it, I don't see them leaving any time soon.

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