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Thread: Our Interview with Bob and Joyce

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    Great interview, I enjoyed reading it.

    It was funny that Joyce mentioned that the chocolate eating reminded her of her favourite I Love Lucy episode. I said while I was watching it that it reminded me of Lucy.

    I wish the two of them the best.
    Darn Kangaroos!! I am le tired.

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    so, someone enlighten me. What is a pie-hole shot in hockey?

    Thanks for the great interview.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John

    Joyce: Our plans are, we're certainly going to be together. Whether we get married or not, who knows, but we will definitely be together. Absolutely.

    Bob: Joyce said it perfectly, we're totally committed to each other, and this is for real.

    Joyce: The race just substantiated that. We knew it before, but the race solidified it. I feel like I'm a winner - I won Bob. And what better prize could I possibly get?

    Bob: The race was fabulous, but now we get to go back to our regular life, which was pretty great already.

    Joyce: We're blessed. I was married for 25 years, and Bob was married for over 30 years. My husband died of cancer, and I was alone for 8 years before I met Bob. And I didn't think it could happen to me again, I wasn't planning on it. But I have another life now, and I'm truly happy, and I think Bob is, too.

    Bob: My wife died of cancer, too, and I met Joyce and we're having a great time. We have a terrific life together.

    .............................. .............................. .............................. .............

    Joyce: At the bus terminal, you saw that we kind of got screwed by Collin and the Brothers. But that's competition, and you kind of expect that, and there are no hard feelings for any of that. They're all very nice people. They're all very competitive, but they're supposed to be. It's a race, for crying out loud, and you did what you needed to do to get the job done. We never took it personal.
    What a great couple .. Thanks for the interview John!

    After seeing the video of them on the Early Show and reading John's interview I like them even more (if that is possible) and will be bummed next Tuesday when they are no longer on the race!

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    Great interview John. Bob and Joyce seem really nice and sweet, just like they were on the show. I liked their attitude and their enthusiasm, they'll definitely be missed.

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    Aw, I'm going to miss them so much.

    Joyce: It was a personal thing, that we were going to complete everything. And who knows, it could have been a non-elimination leg. We didn't know, and we were going to go down fighting.
    I LOVE the fact that they performed this task even though they knew they were last. Joyce was spot on that this could have been a NEL leg. And I wish everyone would adopt this attitude. Plus, you never know when a Momemily incident could occur again! Never give up until Phil says so.
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    I think that "pie-hole" is a misquote...and it should be "five hole."

    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    so, someone enlighten me. What is a pie-hole shot in hockey?
    In hockey when a shot hits the "five" hole, it's a shot that goes through between the legs. I believe the term originates because a scoring shot can either go 1) over the left arm of the goalie, 2) under the left arm but over the left leg, 3)over the right arm, 4) under the right arm but over the right leg...or through the five hole.

    Of course, a "pie-hole" shot would indicate a shot right in the mouth. As in "shut yer pie-hole." But that's not a hockey term as far as I know.

    pg--seattle (not exactly a hotbed of hockey knowledge, so don't quote me to someone from Minnesota...or Canada...)

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    ok, i am going to miss this couple too! still rooting for the parents though.

    Piehole shot? a hit to the family jewels? thats my guess. it would drop me too

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    Thanks for the great interview, John. These two were just so nice, especially to each other. Loved that Lucille Ball reference made by Joyce.

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    Great interview, John. They seem very sweet and I'll miss them.

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    Oops, he did say "five-hole", and my mind was apparently somewhere else. Dangit.

    Sorry, Bob! Apparently, I'm not as big a fan of hockey as I claimed.

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