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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    I agree with Kavid...the men didn't know that the challenge meant eating a kilo of caviar, just that the person selected should "have a taste for the high life".
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    Quote Originally Posted by meezy
    Judging from paralytic shellshock some of the racers seemed to be experiencing after you would've thought this week's roadblock consisted of getting a couple of fingers chopped off. Is caviar that nasty, or are they being drama queens?
    Someone over on the TWOP forums did a little investigating and came up with the following about ingesting caviar:


    Under "Potential Health Effects", it says:

    Very large doses can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and prostration (My addition--a condition marked by dizziness, nausea and weakness caused by depletion of body fluids and electrolytes). Dehydration and congestion occur in most internal organs. Hypertonic salt solutions can produce violent inflammatory reactions in the gastrointestinal tract.

    So -- in everyone's defense -- I'm sure it was really, really bad for them. But saying this does not mean that I think the girls were right in languishing over the bowls. Get it down quickly and get out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 098_kavid_890
    That's why I don't like going to threads like this 'cause I know that my teams would be easily bashed. They didn't know it was caviar they were dealing with, the clue said that the person that does it must have a liking to the rich lifestyle. Brandon thought that Nicole would be great since she was a Pageant Winner and if I remember correctly, Christie volunteered.
    Exactly! And hello! In mixed sex teams, the man can't always be the one to do the roadblocks on the off-chance that the girl might not be able to do it. It is a partnership after all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    I agree with Kavid...the men didn't know that the challenge meant eating a kilo of caviar, just that the person selected should "have a taste for the high life".
    They should have had some idea it would involve eating, though. TAR doesn't usually send teams to a restaurant just to get a clue, although it has happened before.

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    ****Hate, hate, Mirna. That "we have God on our side" crap WITH the crossing?!?!?!! *****

    I have to say that I find Mirna "amusing". She is just slightly more tolerable than Holly from BB5. I enjoy watching reality stars that have zero inhibitions and she seems like the kind of person you could ask to do something completely ridiculous and she would do it. I think all the spats could definately be avoided if everyone had a good nights sleep and a nice hot bath and a big unfishy dinner. She does not strike me as "evil", like a lot of other previous players have.

    I don't like the Colin team, if that were my husband sitting across from me, I would have shoved the caviar down his pants by the end of that roadblock.

    I still can't believe the internet team made it so far, I hope I can hustle that well when I'm that age!!
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    Caviar is NOT that bad. Everyone else got it down without the histrionics. No doubt Christie and Nicole have never eaten that much in one sitting in their entire lives, at least not without purging at some point.

    *ducks to avoid rocks being thrown*

    My husband said that if I pulled the kind of drama that those two girls did, he would have pried my mouth open and started shoveling the stuff down my throat
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    Quote Originally Posted by MalibuPam
    I lost respect for both Colin and Brandon this week, wimping out for their partner to eat. I don't care how bad it tastes--2.2 pounds of anything is just not going to go into a thin woman easily.
    A couple of points. I'm sure most could have guessed that they'd be eating caviar (just like if you're in Scotland, you're having haggis), but nobody could have guessed it was going to be 2.2 pounds.

    And, isn't the stereotypical view of man versus woman that the woman is more likely to try new, exotic foods, while the man sticks with meat. I'd generally expect the woman in man/woman teams to do the eating (and intellect) road blocks while the man to stick to the physical tasks.
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    Colin and Brandon both were more patient than I would have been!

    I know it was gross. I know it was a lot. But girls, sack it up, and throw it down. Its a million-freakin' dollars! I love my wife to death, but it would have been hard to be soooo patient, especially like Brandon was with Nicole. The men handled it very well.

    Brandon probably wanted to pull his hair out, but he probably likes his hair too much to do that heh heh

    By the way, gender equity means that men don't have to eat all the gross stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    No doubt Christie and Nicole have never eaten that much in one sitting in their entire lives, at least not without purging at some point.

    *ducks to avoid rocks being thrown*

    psychology was much more a factor than physiology in the eating...sure they were skinny women but the stomach is amazingly expandable...they could have handled it, although probably felt lousy afterward.
    (says this skinny woman who once ate 2 ft. of submarine sandwiches on a dare)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bcarson
    Okay I hate fish so I defianetly know that I could not have done that challenge. Just curious from some of you that have tried it. Is it really that bad? I mean those girls were actually physically ill from it. It was not as played up with the twins but did you notice at the pit stop how the twin that did it could not even speak. She looked awful and was shaking while she did it. I also thought that was so rude of Mirna to be saying so loudly how Charla was the strongest women there blah blah blah!! I think she can encourage her team mate without being so hateful to the others. I think the only thing she accomplished was spurring Christy on!

    I would think that having that much salt might well screw up one's electrolytes and make them ill.

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