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Thread: Meaner this season?

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    mean people...

    I feel this season is meaner... hopefully teams will play a little nicer, and by nicer I mean they'll make more jokes about other teams! LOL

    anyways, the one thing I really haven't liked is this buying tickets for other teams thing... I remembered that happening to benefit the ATC's and disliking it then, and when it happened in last week's episode where Colin was able to buy all 4 sets of tickets... I really hated it.

    I like alliances where two teams are working together, to help each other out... but when it's like we're going to buy tickets to prevent another team from getting on a flight or something, that's just wrong. It makes it feel like a popularity contest.

    It's on my short list of things I'd like to see changed...

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    I think you all are seeing the same sort of stuff I'm seeing. It seems past teams may have been nasty to each other but there was an equal amount of nastiness within teams. (The models Tian and Jarre -- is that how you spell their names? -- were constantly bickering.)

    Also, I agree with whoever brought up the humor issue; there really aren't any happy-go-lucky teams like Cha Cha Cha, the clowns, etc. I miss that.
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