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Thread: Take the Cab for Cryin' out Loud!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Lack of money has come into play before in that some of the teams have had to beg for money. But I can't remember if they did it because they were out or just to have an extra edge.
    I think you were talking about Blake and Paige...Blake lost their wallet and had to beg for a bus fare if i remember correctly...I've always thought that they can carry money from round to round as well...If only Steve or Dave or Josh or Steve were here...they could defenitley answer this...or maybe they have...i havent read the whole post yet
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    I am 100 percent sure that you can carry money over to the next round

    In season 3 during to 1 dollar leg (when Andre/Damon were eliminated) some teams stayed in a hotel. So how can they stay at a hotel with only 1 buck.

    Thats the whole point of giving them a little extra $ because you need to save it for later

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    Teams are allowed to save their money. Cash is always given at the start of each legs, problem is teams won't know if the sum would be substantial enough. E.g, last season teams got as much as $450 on one leg, and then later on merely $1. Several past racers interviewed confirmed it....

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    Here's the thread I suggest you guys have a look - you can find common questions about TAR and answers by ATC Steve and Dave. The carrying forward of money and the emergency fund question is answered here. Saving money and carrying forward of money is allowed and encouraged. There is also an emergency fund which teams have access to but it can only be used once. Thats why we see teams begging for money early on in the race. In TAR 4, some teams begged for money when they were in Italy (but they didn't show that on TV). You can view the video on the CBS TAR 4 website.
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