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Thread: Take the Cab for Cryin' out Loud!!

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    Lack of money has come into play before in that some of the teams have had to beg for money. But I can't remember if they did it because they were out or just to have an extra edge.

    Sorry bball, I missed you mentioning it earlier.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    lol its fine Really no money has been an issue beforE? I only saw TAR 4 before this season so in that season no one needed extra money. You know what would be great? If the 1 dollar leg came right after the NEL so it wouldnt matter because the team who lost would only lose 1 buck but I bet you they want to make the NELs pay this time since there was really no penalty before so this is the perfect way to pay and they will pay big! If you can bring money into other legs than Chip and the twins have big advantages because they didnt cab the whole way.

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    I know that Blake and Paige in TAR2 lost all of their money while in Brazil, and they had to catch a bus at the bus station... had to beg for money at the bus station to get enough

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    Every season the final 3 teams end up giving all their money to the cab driver driving them around the final destination it's so pointless.

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    I think both Chip/Kim and Kami/Karli opted for the buses because of money issues due to the fact that in the first leg, both teams had to take the taxi back to the blue/white hotel and then back to the pit stop. That had to have a pretty detrimental affect on their original $97.23 given at the beginning of the race. Taking the bus, should help to bring than back up to par with the other teams in terms of extra cash carrying over to the next leg.

    And also Chip/Kim (along with a few other racers) did take a taxi to the wrong cemetary. So that was unnecessary cash spent there.

    Every Amazing Race season, all teams are able to carry over money to the next leg. I remember the winners of season 1 trying (and successfully? Can't remember) buying a women's cell phone to call the airport ahead of time in the final leg. And they were like offering a lot of cash for it. And yeah, every other final leg of every season, has all the three teams offering up hundreds of dollars to the cab driver if he goes super fast.

    I don't believe the $1 dollar leg ever showed up until Season 3 (the one where Andre/Damon were eliminated). Probably because the producers got wise to the fact that these teams were willing to sleep on the streets or hotel lobbies, and not eat, just to save money. And would accumulate a hefty sum by halfway through the season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baskiddball
    No I remember them mentioning that they cant carry off money from one round to another. Remember last year the 1 dollar leg? That's the point that each leg can only be done in a certain budget.

    I also thought that you could (and to some degree were expected to) hoard money to be used a a later leg. On the 1 dollar leg, I'm almost positive that some teams used a taxi. In fact, I thought that was the whole point: save some of the money because it will be desparetly needed later.

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    I'm pretty sure you are expected to save your money... I can't imagine doing a $1 leg without begging or using previous money.

    Also, to the FORT, Defiant_Deviant!

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    Well the other people who took the bus at least had sense enough to take the express bus! I guess I might take a bus too if it were a 50 mile trip; I'd be afraid I'd need money for another cab after completing a task or something. A cab ride that long would be $$$$$!
    I recently took a long cab ride in Argentina from Santa Fe to Parana (30 or 40 miles) and we were only charged $45 pesos ($15 US). The exchange rate in Argentina at the time of filming would have been right at $1 US Dollar = approx. $3 pesos so they all had plenty of money.

    And I've been to the Cemeteria de Recolleta and let me tell you, that place is a big old maze and those contestants were Very Lucky the grounds keeper gave them a ride. Evita's tomb is not easy to find!

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    also. don't the camera men carry a one shot withdrawel of $250 for the contestants if they need the cash? like an emergency grant? though I read that somewhere

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    Yes, the teams do have a 1 time emergency fund they can use (Thanks ATC Dave for that info!)

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