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Thread: 7/13 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm just coming to comment that life can return to normal again now that Ali's off my tv screen for good!!!

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    I fell asleep and missed the first 20 minutes but I will watch it again Saturday.

    Deej, I knew you would be ecstatic with the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I don't think it's inappropriate to zoom in on the language. TAR is pretty consistent about this stuff. Like, when the final clue says "the last team will be eliminated" you know it's not a NEL leg.

    Very odd about being the first team to "find" the yield. I remember something else I heard somewhere on this site - didn't it say a team uses the yield, then has to wait for the team they picked to arrive before they can leave the yield? The targeted team would then wait additional time. I just remember thinking that it couldn't be right, because why would that be worthwhile? Only in the most dire, down-to-two-or-be-eliminated situations.
    That would make it pretty stupid to use it because than every other team can pass you. If you have to wait for a team and the yield is like 1 min then you just might have lost the race for your team!

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