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Thread: Amazing Race Insider Videos

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    Amazing Race Insider Videos

    I might be slow in realising this, but for those who don't know, the Amazing Race Insider contains extra video clips for episode 1 already.

    Just watched the video clip featuring the quarrel between Alison and Donny. They are so interesting! Just wanted to say, I agree with Alison's point on saving time by reading the clue carefully..I really thought she made sense with what she told Donny.

    Gonna go watch the rest of the videos now!
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    Official Website has TONS of Extra video footage from Episode 1


    Click on Video, you need Realplayer though

    It was funny watching Chip complain about carrying the beef saying no way the girls could do it!

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    If that's Alison when her team is in first, I'd hate to see Alison when her team is in last.

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    Alison and Donny really have a psycho relationship, how did these two ever end up together.

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    I'v had trouble getting these to run using the links on the CBS site. (They go nowhere.) I can get to the videos with the following direct link:


    But i still doesn't work. So I open up Norton Internet Security and turn off ad blocking, close IE and reopen it. The videos then work for me. Of course I don't go to any other sites until I turn ad blocking back on.

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