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Thread: Production question

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    Production question

    Does anyone out there have any stories or links to sites that discuss the production of TAR? I've always wanted to know how they go about filming this show.

    Some of the things I always wondered about was how far ahead of the teams do the production crew arrive to setup the games? When does the host film all of his little descriptive blurbs in each city? He always seems to be there just minutes ahead of the teams...so he obviously isn't.

    Anyway, if anyone has any info, or was part of the crew, I and probably the other fans would love to hear all about it.


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    Bo3b have you been to the Archives section for AR here on FORT? I'm not sure that it has a lot of the production stuff you might be interested in, but there's a great thread there called "Everything you wanted to know about TAR but were afraid to ask". There's a lot of really good Q&A from former racers that frequent our boards (Hi Steve & Dave ).

    Here's a link, hope some of the info there helps...
    Everything you wanted to know about TAR but were afraid to ask

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    The CBS official site had some great FAQ's if you want to go check them out

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    TAR4 ATC Dave
    Howdy libra!

    And Bo3b - ask any questions you have, I'll answer if I can. It's probably a better idea to ask them in the archived forum rather than take space away from the TAR5 forum though... (or am I wrong on that, John?)


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