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Thread: Recap 7/6 ~ What The Hell Is She Doing There?

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    plaisirs volatils raindance's Avatar
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    Loved the recap Cali , so glad a whole new season is back!
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    Great recap! I love the Calicap format.

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    Great recap Cali, I missed the first episode but it feels like I haven't missed a thing!

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    Good recap - I agree that Ali should have been drowned at birth - what a conceited b_tch. If Donny is such a wimp that he kept her after Big Brother 4, he deserves all the agony she'll pour on his head.

    I don't understand the Phil obsession. He is one of the most average "average Joes" I have ever seen - but then to each his own.

    My favorites are Charla and Mirna. Charla is a tough little broad and I give her a lot of credit. She toted that beef like it weighed nothing - good for her. I would like to see them win. But it looks like Ali and Donny are in a good position to win it all - damn! She is smart, can control him like a toy, and they are both young and strong. She is so deliciously evil I think we all want to hiss when she wins and cheer when she loses. She's the perfect "bad girl" and I would bet money that is why she was cast in this.

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    Fellow obsessers of Phil! (Well, okay, I'm not obsessed with him, but he is pretty cute.) There is a means to get our Phil-fix between airings...

    Go to The Amazing Race's website. Putting your arrow over the word "extras" will bring up a menu. Click on "Phil Keoghan," where you will find "Phil's Photographs" Here are extra stills taken from different places along the route, by episode. Some actually contain Phil himself!

    PS Cali, that was a good recap! Can't wait for next week!
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    Excellent recap Cali!

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    OMG. The entire prequel to the cap had me busting out laughing (and the cap itself was fantastico as usual!)

    But this sentence ...omg, I almost peed my pants

    I canít help but think that the lab tech at her OB/GYNís office would have happily showed her some on one of her visits.
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    Cali, the recap was better than the show for me. I really enjoy your digs at Ali and Donny. After BB, I had hoped to never see her face again. I also like the way you follow through with one team before starting with another. Makes it much less confusing. Thanks again!

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    This is my first time on FORT while TAR is on, so this was a first Recap I've read.

    I like the structure, the sarcasm, the jokes, everything. I missed the premiere, but this recap was great. Will be looking out every week now

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    Thank you cali!

    That was a brilliant recap, and I look forward to many more!

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