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Thread: 7/6 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I have no problem with Charla and Mirna using Charla's stature to get help. Use whatever you can. I found it irritating that they were, at times, indignant that they did not get the help they anitcipated and swore never to help another because of it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    I found it irritating that they were, at times, indignant that they did not get the help they anitcipated and swore never to help another because of it!
    I was thinking last night that these people were better than I would be if I were in a race around the world for a million bucks. The only time it bothered me was when the father/daughter team already had their time slot, but wouldn't let anybody else know where the time slots were. At that point, it was just a waiting game for your ferry to depart the next morning. What was it going to hurt? That's why I asked John to ask our first philiminators why everybody went out of their way to avoid helping Charla/Mirna. :rolleyes

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    I'm just happy the show is back on the air.

    A few things, though: I'm astounded the teams are this aggressive this early. It usually takes a few episodes for the teams to start snarking at each other, but they're already pretty nasty now. Remarkable.

    Also amazing was how many teams couldn't find the flags. Are they that tough to see? Come on.

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    Reading your thoughts
    Quick overnight ratings Zap2it:
    first place 9:30 to 10:00
    10:00 to 11:00 2nd place behind Law and Order

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    I haven't yet had the time to read throught this thread but I just wanted to say...

    What a great first episode!!!! I really enjoyed it, my heart was racing the whole time.

    I have some preferences so far, but I think I'll reserve judgement for a few more episodes. With one exception - the twins. I won't be sorry to see them go -sooner than later, preferably.
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    Finally the 1st episode of the much awaited TAR5!

    Pretty exciting episode... with different teams taking turns to arrive first at the various route markers, it was anybody's game I found it slightly amusing that within 3 seconds of Phil yelling 'Go!', 2 contestants promptly proceeded to trip and fall Ok so maybe someone tripped them. Most of them have already started a little bitching around, so that's good

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    Checking in this morning to add my notes about the start. They began their dash at the very end of the SM Pier. That is a looong pier and so anyone sprinting to the parking area with a pack on would have to be in phenomenal shape not to be winded. Also, the boards are uneven and rough. I'm not surprised the people tripped. Finally, my husband the airport-surface-street-fanatic, was gleeful that the people who took surface streets got to the airport first. He has finally been validated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    There's bound to be a line-up on the roof waiting for their turn at zips, might as well kill time by doing chips, you might get lucky.
    Exactly. And the chips task is on the way to the roof. If you lose all the chips, just keep walking.

    Notice that all the teams who did the chips arrived at the pitstop quite early. Granted, two teams arrived early because they missed the cluebox. But, that should only have taken them an extra five minutes. If they had found the box and decided to do the chips, they'd have a very large lead.

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    I was surprised on how every team who did the roulette made it. How many chips did they have?

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    They had 20

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