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Thread: First Leg Events (spoilers)

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    First Leg Events (spoilers)

    I had absolutly no idea where to post it so mods/John move it where best fit. In a review from US Weekly they state during the first leg of the race the teams go from California to Uruguay where they must lug a 55-pound side of beef acorss towns to a butcher. Later, contestants must confront their fears of heights by dangling from a cable that is 18 stories high. They also say that Charla, who was born with a form of dwarfism, had no qualms about telling the camera crew to "Back Off!"

    They ended up giving it 4 stars.

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    Wow, Charla appears to be a feisty gal!
    Halfway around the world, I greet you "Mabuhay!"

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    Matt Roush of TVGuide, gave the series a 10 out of 10. He often refers to the show as the class act of reality tv. He's right.

    Charla is going to kick some camera man butt!

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