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Thread: Jenn &Tracey's Amazing Race 3 Virtual Journal

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    Jenn &Tracey's Amazing Race 3 Virtual Journal

    ~ Jenn and Tracey's Amazing Race 3 Virtual Journal ~
    By: BravoFan and LurkingGirl)

    Let the virtual race begin (Episode 1)

    Like extras on Baywatch (Episode 2)

    Just Row the Boat, You Dumb Punt (Episode 3)

    Days of Whine(rs) and Roses (Episode 4)

    You've Got. . . Gas! (Episode 5)

    Divide and Conquer (The BYE week)

    Faster Than a Snail's Pace (Episode 6)

    Does Losing Your Clue Mean You're Clueless? (Episode 7)

    When Drew-uth is Stranger than Fiction (Episode 8)

    Ian & Flo in the Herd, the Sheep are Scared Baaaaadly (Episode 9; 2 hours)

    Dude, Where's Your Cyclo? (Episode 10)

    Who's the Biggest Basket Case? (Episode 11)

    Helpless in Seattle (Episode 12)

    J&T Team Profile

    The Amazing Race virtual journal is for entertainment purposes only and is not an account of actual events.
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