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Thread: Speculation Topic (no spoilers)

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    I just want to have no expectations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Hmmmm, I have heard about one new rule, and I can't figure out where I heard about it, but it's not on the CBS website so I guess it must be a spoiler. I didn't really get any details of how it would work, but it would fit in with not wanting to be universally hated.

    I don't want to spoil anyone, so I'll be ducking out of the thread now.
    Well you could either use spoiler tags--thus allowing people who want to see ONLY that one spoiler to see it without having to go into a huge thread elsewhere filled with unmonitored spoilers, or we could just make OTHER speculations about the upcoming season based on what we've seen in previews and interviews. (or both)

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    There was a commercial on yesterday that said the winning team needed to be strong, courageous, and one other thing. I remember that the other thing really caught my eye, but now I can't remember what it was. It was something like kind, nice something along those lines. If you look back at the winners of this show, that isn't really a way to describe them. They may be nice to a degree, but not compared to ChaChaCha or Jon and Al, you know? Do you think this was some sort of a hint to who the winners are?

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    WARNING...potential spoiler material within brackets [].

    The only rules "changes" that I've heard mentioned (and heard them both here) are: [the addition of a "delay" or "hold" option, which a team may play against another, and the possibility that the last non-eliminated team loses any saved money - neither of these are verified though.]


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