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Thread: Dominant Partner: Predictions

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    Dominant Partner: Predictions

    Quoting myself, in the Alison & Donny thread:
    Alison says, of Donnie:
    What strengths and weaknesses does your teammate bring to the Team?
    Alison: Donny is the strongest person I know. If he can put up with me, he can put up with the world. He does tend to jump the gun and not think things through. And sometimes he's a little lazy, but I love him for it!

    Donny apparently did no pre-interview. It's interesting seeing WHICH couples both did pre-interviews versus which ones had only one, presumably dominant, partner do it.
    After writing this I went and looked through ALL of the team's "before the race" interviews, and it was indeed interesting which ones featured both contestants versus the ones with a single spokesperson (and who the spokesperson was in each case).

    I'm sure this isn't the only early sign of the dominant partner in each team, but it's a start.

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    To elaborate:

    Alison & Donny (You Know Who and her attachment): Alison gives the pre-interview
    Bob & Joyce (Older Internet Daters): They both give it.
    Brandon & Nicole (Young Daters): Both
    Charla & Mirna (Cousins): Both
    Chip & Kim (Married): Chip
    Colin & Christie (Young Daters): Christie
    Dennis & Erika (the Broken Engagement due to woman's naked Skydiving): Both, together or seperately, depending on the question.
    Jim & Marsha (Father/Daughter): Jim (the Dad)
    Kami & Karli (Twin girls): Karli (the student--the other sister runs a restaurant. Surprisingly the spokesman in this case is the one who describes herself as less competitive and "more forgiving")
    Linda & Karen (Bowling Moms): Linda
    Marshall & Lance (Brothers): Marshall (the older brother and self-described bully)

    Interesting patterns too. Young daters tend to talk together. Older men tend to talk, except for the guy Internet dating. The Broken engagement talks together, but in many ways if you read it you could almost see parts of it as them both of them wanting to get their 2 cents in, but other parts as actual unity. Teams close in age, in general, seem to share the spokesman role.

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