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Thread: what's up with only one all-male team???

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    hope an all-girl team wins TAR this time around..
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    Quote Originally Posted by esmattynd
    Give us exotic locales. Give us close races. Give us (for the ladies) Phil. Even give us some trash talk between teams (I love that!). Just don't give us "Oprah's Amazing Race." I just don't want TAR to sell out.

    Who's Phil? And, incidently, I'll miss seeing the male eye candy this time. It does seem predictable that the very fit, alpha male teams seem to win, with Flo and Zack being an exception. And that was only because the twins made a stupid mistake and got taken out before the final race.

    It appears that they are trying to make it less predictable and give others a better chance. This is evident in that the only all male team consists of two overweight restaurant owners who will probably huff and puff their way through the challenges. I agree that this also appears to be a "relationship" race, which tests the commitment between couples, strength of friendships, and family bonds.

    I really don't care about the make-up of the team members. This is one of my favorite shows - reality or otherwise. Even my anti-reality show husband likes The Amazing Race. I'll be watching (even with Allison the Awful).

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    Quote Originally Posted by aname
    Who's Phil?
    Phil Koegan is the host, as in "I'm sorry, but you are the last team to arrive. You've been eliminated from the Amazing Race." Or "Philiminated".
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    For Season 1, 2 and 4 the winners were all-male teams, so I guess they decided to really cut down the odds of that.

    On the other hand, there really isn't any eye candy this year I miss Derek/Drew & David/Jeff... the brothers who own a pizza restaurant aren't exactly the type you'd swoon over.

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