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Thread: Marshall & Lance

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    This is either a repeat of team guido....or more likely every brother team on TAR 1-4 which lose in the early rounds....and if they bring there own dough and twirl it as they race....I will like them....

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    They look like the humorous team that everyone will love, but who knows. The only male team...they dont like they will pose a threat, most likely will be leaving early on
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    Not getting a good feeling about these two. Don't think they will make it far.
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    Lance is looking forward to traveling the world to see all the beautiful honeys and any nude beaches.
    They seem funny, but don't seem like they'd be real threatening.

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    Marshall explains that he has always tormented his younger brother. When Lance was six or seven years old, Marshall sold him a Sony Walkman for $60; the sale included a hand-written contract stating that Lance was buying the Walkman "as is," with no refund. Shortly after buying the Walkman, Lance determined that it was broken. Lance went crying to their father and told him he wanted his money back, but Marshall pulled out the contract and refused.
    Really as "stories" go, this one is kind of lame and boring. So what, I ask?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennajo
    They seem funny, but don't seem like they'd be real threatening.
    I agree. I will be curious to see their physical abilities.

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    This is the only all-male team, and I'm not too impressed with them... they might make it through one non-elimination leg, but not much further than that.

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    I agree, although they are meant to make us think of Kevin and Drew I don't seem them making it to 4th place!

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    Haha, looks like my early opinions of these guys are totally different

    I think they are a team where they will play and have fun with each other, tease each other perhaps(Steve & Dave? ) and might possibly make it a top few spot. JMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    They give me the vibe of Kevin/Drew my opinion on there are just normal since I didn't really like them in the first season.
    But I'm glad this is the only all male team this season
    I have the same vibe too! If they are really like Kevin and Drew, then they'll be entertaining to watch I guess CBS is trying to break the all-male team stereotype of alpha males a la Reichen/Chip, Rob/Brennan etc.

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