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Thread: Kami & Karli

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    This is my least favorite team in the bunch. I don't like their attitudes at all. I wouldn't have minded one bit if they had been the ones eliminated last night. In fact, I hope they go next week.
    They had such snooty expressions on their faces half the time. One person like that would be more than enough, two is just double the unpleasantness. I guess I am not so impressed with women who are proud to be bithcy manipulators. :rolleyes
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    Quote Originally Posted by leo
    Not the sharpest knives in the drawer.
    I was literally coming in this thread to say the exact same thing!

    If they had three people on a team, Donny would fit in with them perfectly

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    It just amuses me to hear them say something about not finding the clue just as they were walking past it These 2 should keep their eyes open Surprisingly I didn't find them irritating

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    I was more active in the FORT during TAR3 when one of the pitstops was Singapore, so I'm not sure if anybody remembers me, or my twin sister metwin1.

    So yep, I support twins by default. Just because they are. Their pre-race comments about manipulation and all are somewhat disconcerting, and some may think that they look snooty, but put it this way, so far, they have not really done anything unpleasant to any of the teams. There is a difference between claiming to be manipulative and being manipulative, and it is far too early to see which category they fall under.

    Their "blindness" is worrying, and it could cost them the Race. However, since it hasn't yet cost them, I think they will have learnt from this. Better the mistake now than further along the Race. It's mostly a result of being overexcited (it *is* the first leg of the Race), yet trying to be quick at the same time. Their speed saved them this time, and they'll be fine when they calm down as the Race progresses.

    As for their "fear of dirty toilets" comments, let's face it. Unless you are the outdoorsy-hike-and-camp-often sort, that is a pretty common fear for the percentage of the world who are fortunate enough to be born in developed countries with first class sewage systems, even if you choose not to acknowledge it. They did, and that doesn't make them whiny or whatever. That fear is very easily overcome anyway. When you have to go, you *will* go, and cleanliness (or the lack thereof) quickly becomes a non issue.

    Remember that Derak and Drew also barely avoided elimination in the first leg, causing a burst of comments about "hunks without brains". They made it to the top 4. I do hope that Kami and Karli make it as far, and further.

    Ah well, I've always liked TAR, and having a pair of twins to support always makes it more enjoyable. I hope to see more of them, if nothing else, for the guaranteed fireworks. I've known 5 other pairs of female twins of my age (21) and we generally agree on what they said about being twins: we do get along fine for the most part, but when we don't, it really does get rather vicious.


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    In the VERY obvious minority here. I actually liked the twins. They were kind of funny. Especially when carrying the ginormous side of beef and saying "there's nothing like an ass chop in the face." Heh.

    If they could just get there heads out of their asses and PAY ATTENTION (to flags, directions, etc.) I think they could go far.

    BTW, I think one twin might have a piercing addiction. I definitely saw a nose ring in one, and possibly a tongue piercing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    I still see a lucrative Porno career ahead for these two fast girls.
    Ha, and so it begins:

    1. Pierced tongue - check!

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    Heh, I actually liked these two. Reminds me of a female version of David and Jeff: fast, fit, and somewhat lost, actually missing two clues: walking past the route marker, and failing to understand the "across the street" clue.

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    I think they're okay. They were really funny to watch. I want them to last a while longer.

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    I like these two. I dunno, they just seem like a strong team despite their little slip up. Hopefully they won't PO too many people, but they do remind me of Tian and Jaree in the sometimes they get along, other times they don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    Ha, and so it begins:

    1. Pierced tongue - check!
    Ah So they do have tongue piercings! I also saw some metally thingy on her tongue so it was a piercing... lol

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