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Thread: Colin & Christie

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    So she will only marry him right after the show if they win the money???? This does not sound like a very promising relationship .. might be interesting to watch though?

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    OK, I realize this is mean, and yes I'm basing it on ONE photograph, but he looks like a huge Dork to me. Eddie Haskell-ish. UHG.

    Krom, I agree... what's up with the lame analogy. I guess it would be worse if he said getting (:rolleyes) her to fall in love with him came in second
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    I don't think they'll do well. Christie doesn't seem like she'll get along with Colin, I sense they'll get in fights AND she'll be bratty about it. I guess we'll see.

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    I don't see her being able to stop her "always late" habit for long enough to complete this thing!
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    Top 3 looks on them, with Christie resemblance to Flo. Will she be as bitchy though ?

    "very competitive, extremely aggressive with strong personalities."
    "she is also a perfectionist who hates losing"

    Sounds like Flo already.

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    They seem like nice enough kids (well, I don't really know), but the thing that irks me is that they make winning the race a determining factor in their possible engagement. Setting TAR up as a test of their relationship means that it's doomed. They can go into it, committed, like nothing will break their love for each other, or they can say that, if they lose or get into really bad fights, they'll call off the whole thing. Seems like their relationship is on shaky ground if they need to wait until the end of the race to determine yay or nay. I'm just sayin'.

    It would be cool, though, if on the day they lose, Colin asks Christie to marry him.

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    Its like they look for couples with shakey relationships....and include them for the drama they create with the jet lag....and I want to see a follow up show a year later to see how many of those couples are still together...

    from some of the ones we have watched in the past it would be a miracle....in this case and in general if your not sure you want to get engaged let alone married..Wait...discover each others strengths and weaknesses in private not on national TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce
    Just from looking at their pictures...I don't like them. (I swear, I'm usually not that judgemental).
    Don't worry. I didn't like them based on pictures too.
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    CBS has edited the bio information at the official web site for this team -- in at least three places.
    Check the vid clips that is now posted there too. They come across as a more connected, balanced team than a lot of the teams this season.
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    Colin said that he was intense and he is. Me no likey him

    Fortunately for me,they are so far down the list of teams,they may be eliminated before I can hate them too much.

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