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Thread: Colin & Christie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caponedawg
    Hello. First time poster long time lurker here. This team amuses me a great deal. I hope I wasn't the only one who busted out laughing when they were aruging when carrying that casket and the priest guy was looking on shaking his head.

    yep, i find that funny too. the poor priest guy didn't know what to do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrant
    The reason I dislike this team is because of Colin, mostly. The guy is rude and seemingly a control freak with Christie. I hated to see him ordering her around so much, whether it was telling her to shut up at the airport, or making her stand next to him in the chocolate shop so she would watch every single precious bite he took, or by looking like he wanted to shove her face in the caviar bowl.

    Then there's Christie, who seems pretty high strung at times, yet is ever the submissive little kitten when Colin's there. I do like the fact that she seems to sometimes get tired of Colin's dominant charade, like when she did that hilarious transformation into Catwoman during the caviar challenge. No wonder Colin decided to shut his yap.
    You really should view the Weekly Video on the official website entitled "You're acting like an absolute idiot" - 2:31...Christie has no problem telling Colin exactly how she feels. Both are highly intelligent individuals that happen to be extremely competitive...a winning combination in this type of reality show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss
    I don't really like him, and I agree that he is arrogant, but I experienced this part of things quite differently from what you're saying. What I saw was Christie crying in a "that was the most traumatizing thing I've every done, and I'm exhausted and sick and falling apart" way. I don't think she was crying because they weren't in first place.

    I couldn't read Colin's expression at first, but then I realized that he was feeling very emotional and trying to hold it in. He seemed genuinely moved by something...maybe it was her courage in finally finishing (in spite of his "encouragement"), maybe it was because he was ashamed that she had to do it because he couldn't or maybe there was some other reason. Whatever was going on, when he finally spoke, he seemed to be having a genuinely intense, tearfully emotional moment.
    I agree with your observation of Christie & Colin. Personally knowing them, this is exactly how I perceived the caviar-eating episode. Christie is not the quitting type, but Colin knew he could do NOTHING but sit back and try to be somewhat encouraging in whatever way possible. They are impressive to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowqueen
    That big lead is an advantage because the hours that they supposed to spend doing tasks would be used for resting and sightseeing.
    I'm not trying to be an ass when I say Really? I haven't watched the show all along, but I had gotten the impression regardless of when they clocked in, they were headed out 12 hours later. I think it is a plus, at least in theory, not to have to perform other draining tasks that others do, but 12 hours is all the rest I thought they received regardless.

    Along those lines, I have read before that there are points where the show, for whatever reason sometimes gives more time at a pitstop. I was thinking when I was looking at the Hermitage how nice it would actually be to spend some time in there, not the 15 or 20 minutes it might have taken to find a particular Rembrandt. Same thing with the pitstop in Egypt. That place never sounded all that attractive when I read about it in print, seeing it VISUALLY made me wish the racers could take a few moments and appreciate just exactly where they were.

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    (I posted some of this in the episode discussion thread, so please forgive the repetition.)

    Taking the FF was, imo, absolutely the right thing for Colin and Christie to do. Not only were they able to skip the tasks, but they were also able to prevent any of the other teams from taking advantage of it. With only 2 FFs available, there's no strategic value in trying to save it for the "most advantageous" time. There's nothing to "save"; this may be their best shot.

    Since it looks like it took Charla & Mirna less than 4 hours to get from the Cairo airport to the Sphinx Pitstop, we can estimate that it would have taken Colin & Christie roughly the same amount of time to complete the leg without using the FF (as they probably also would have taken advantage of the "Hump & Ride" Detour option). So, going from the Tower of Cairo at 9:00 a.m., they would've arrived at the Pitstop at, say, noon-ish. So, even without the FF, they would still be leaving on the next leg around midnight, facing whatever "hours of operation" or airport equalizers that lie ahead.

    Colin is obviously a very savvy racer, always looking for an edge or an angle he can use to his advantage. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that he's very familiar with the previous Races, and is therefore aware that their lead can evaporate in an instant. Still, the psychological benefit in being able to take a bit of a "break" from the race (and the other teams) is a reward in itself.

    I'm liking this team more & more each episode. They think on their feet and are incredibly focussed. Sure, Colin is "intense" (as he himself admits) -- but, then, so am I. If they ever pick me for the race, I expect I'd come off in much the same way.

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    All I can say is that these two so deserve each other. If I was in their place, hey I'd take the FF too without even hesitating--I mean, it's one of two and here it is, so might as well take it now.

    That said, I still don't like them. I can't stand Mr. Intensity and it looks like only a matter of them before he goes postal and attacks Christie, and she will probably scratch his eyes out. Hmmm....on second thought, that would be awesome to see.

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    I remember hearing about a year and half ago that Christie was contacted by The Bachelor, but declined becase she was dating Colin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pag8891
    You really should view the Weekly Video on the official website entitled "You're acting like an absolute idiot" - 2:31...Christie has no problem telling Colin exactly how she feels. Both are highly intelligent individuals that happen to be extremely competitive...a winning combination in this type of reality show!
    That video was a riot! These two are very competetive and let each other know what is on their mind! This leg of the race was completely theirs ... they made all the right decisions.

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    This is the team to beat. I'm rooting for them eversince. However, its a burden being a leader. Remember, with that kind of lead, each team are extremely thinking on how to beat them.

    Just an opinion, Christie and Colin's lead would be hurt if:

    1). Another team used the yield against them
    2). Two teams would form an alliance to stop them from reaching the final three.

    However, I've put my faith in this team. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they won't experience the "mishap" that happened to the original Amazing Twins, Derek and Drew - their lead let them have all the confidence but a major mistake in Vietnam failed them. I'm afraid to see them eliminated right before the final three.

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    I hope tomorrow night Colin "knocks the SH___!" out of that Mirna girl! She has a personality I can not tolerate! I am ONLY joking about him literally hitting her, however a girl like her thinks she can do anything regardless of the consequences and IN TEXAS, if you are rude and inconsiderate, guess what...it might get physical!

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