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Thread: Charla & Mirna

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityluver
    Each week I dislike this team more and more (I think Mirna is mean spirited), but that Charla sure is gutsy.
    Rarely in TAR have I been split in my feelings about a team. I like Charla, but not Mirna.
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    I cannot stand Mirna. I hate the way she treats the other teams. I hate how self-righteous she gets if anyone dares to cross HER. I hate how she talks to Charla. I hate how she whines and bitches and plays the victim.

    I do, however, like Charla and I give her all the credit in the world for maintaining her positive attitude, giving it her all and having to deal with Mirna.
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    This team lost major points with me after the way Mirna treated Colin and Christie, it was clear they were talking to the guy but Mirna just had to interrupt. That said, I still hope they do well and Charla is great. Like Miss Filangi said, she maintains her positive attitude regardless of what's going on so all credit to her.

    (I love that av Miss F )

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    Mirna was getting on my last nerve last night. The way she just cut right in on the conversation that Colin was having with the worker at the bus station was so infuriating :nono And it seems like on every episode she yells at Charla to "run faster" ... well I would have liked to see her loud mouth down that caviar last night! I actually do like Charla she is entertaining to watch but since she is teamed up with Mirna I will be glad ot see this team go .. and soon .. sorry Charla !

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    I am really hoping that Mirna just had a really bad episode. Because I would hate to have to change my opinion of these two.

    Mirna was downright mean, rude and nasty! :phhht I can't help but believe that some of this is editing. I mean we don't obviously see how they all interact at the pitstops. I didn't think it was necessary for her to call other teams disgusting. She certainly good have waited until Colin was done to talk to that guy or just listen. I also could not believe how she acted when they were eating the cavier. Her cheering was over the top and was meant more of a slam to the other teams. I certainly don't think she was helping Charla.

    Charla on the other hand continues to be cute and charming. She is fun to watch. She seems to be having a good time and staying out of Mirna's little tifts. I wish that she would say something to her like chill out!

    I hope Mirna turns it around but if not I still am rooting for Charla!

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    This team just gets worse and worse in my opinion. Mirna is evil. Charla is slightly better, but still not my favorite. I really look at the fact that seemingly ALL of the other teams dislike them. That speaks a lot to me...we don't get to see everything that goes on, but they all do. If teams that are willing to help out OTHER teams go out of their way to hurt M & C, that shows me that they aren't really very kind behind the scenes. No one seems to like them or respect them. Including me.

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    Oo Bubbles oO
    Mirna is the rudest person I have ever seen on national television! How could Charla stand having a partner like her! Geez.

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    Charla's never-give-up attitude never ceases to amaze me, and even Mirna is fun to watch. This is definitely my favorite team. Also, someone recently claimed that these two were still in the game mostly due to luck. After four weeks of consistently finishing near the front of the pack, it has become obvious that luck has very little to do with it- simply put, they are a solid team.

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    Haha, here I come to defend Charla&Mirna again, or rather just Mirna

    I just do not know, I felt that Mirna could have just go and ask questions, I mean its a race. Biased views maybe, cause I really like this team. Yep, and I certainly do not blame Colin&Christie for delaying them. Oh well, their decision to interrupt had repercussions. Too bad.

    Hey! I must also add that I must admit Mirna is strong to stand her ground... one definitely cannot be soft-hearted in this game. Think Dennis&Erika. Guess thats all

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    I saw nothing rude with Charla & Mirna last night, but maybe it is because I like them so much. I couldn't stand how Colin went and bought four sets of tickets, just so C & M couldn't get on the later train, though everything did work out in the end for them. I think Mirna is doing a great job in pushing Charla. She gave her encouragment when eating the Caviar, telling her that she was doing great. I really hope this team stays in for the weeks to come.

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