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Thread: Alison & Donny

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    I think I may have been one of the few that like Allison on BB. She's smart, composed and funny. Mind you I definitely would want to be in possession of something she had her eye on.

    I agree with Fluff though...how did she get on TAR. I always liked the show because it had it's own personality. They don't need the gimmicks. What next? I hope that they're not thinking of allowing previous 2nd place finishers in upcoming events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughn
    She was ethically challenged.

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    I hope they dont let the rest of the group know they are new age....I see them losing a fast forward for a handful of chrystals and stick of incense...

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    oh. my. god.

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    I would like to see Roberts daughter come out of no where in say... Venice or something and trip her short of the finish line and have another team pass her to knock them out of the race. That way we see revenge and Allison gets knocked out of the race. I really don't want to see her in this race :phhht

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    I did not watch Allison on BB...so from me you can get an unbiased opinion. She and Donny will do well. I even think they will get positive editing. They certainly won't win, but I can see a 4th place. Now, me not having seen her on BB may make me completely naive, but that's what I can get from them from only the bios on the CBS page.

    By the way, players not applying but getting on the show don't anger me at all. But that's probably because I'm not old enough to apply anyway, so if the cast, is good, I'm happy. However, I would be furious if people who didn't apply got on the show if I was 21.

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    On BB she lap danced her way to the end......and kept wondering what Donny would think as a huge afterthought when he saw the show.....for the moment it seems he chose to go with her next time....there arent that many guys here....I hope donny can lap dance too.....

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    Its the new flo and zach team heh except probably Alison will do all the phyiscal stuff. Pretty sure this team WILL be irritating hehe. Hope they get eliminated early
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    From what I remember about Alison she was uber-competitive and she was usually a winner (if not the winner then 2nd place)
    We won't be spending 24/7 with her, she won't be fake crying about missing Donny, seh won't be trying to win with her 'sexual charms' (I hope) so she might just be ok in this format. Donny is athletic as well so they probably have a half decent chance at going pretty far in this competition - now I have to break the news to my poor husband that he will be subjected to Ali's whine again LOL he couldn't stand her
    I agree with you Duxxy! I am also feeling for your hubby as I feel the same way! I think competitively they will do well but I have a feeling that Allison's obsession with self may trip them up before the end. :rolleyes

    Thank goodness for 11 other teams to share the tv time with - hopefully that means less of Allison's whining and more of the race!!!!!
    Guess she wants more than 15 minutes of fame! I would have rathered to see some other anonymous team but I guess I don't get a vote. :phhht

    For those of you lucky ppl who didn't view Allison on BB - you are in for a treat or a trick! Be advised - you may want to have ear plugs and airsickness bag handy!!!

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    I never watch BB4 either but I gather she is the contestant that we will love to hate? (ala Kelly?)
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