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Thread: Alison & Donny

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    Donny gets a from me for his --- "You're psycho!" and "You're an embarrassment" and his statement at the end about rethinking his relationship with her. I hope, for his sake, that he means it.

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    Yea, they were definitely very entertaining to watch but you are right. Because of her BB status she got the TAR spot when someone else could have beat them out fairly. But I think they realized that character was exactly who they were looking for

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    I finally got my sister to watch TAR with me this year, and she didn't recognize Alison at first (she did watch BB and knew who she was). I said to look at her closer. Ironically, the moment my sister recognized her was during Ali's tantrum with the dogs telling Donny that they're OVER (remember the slo mo effect then freeze frame?) My sister was all *gasp* "Is that the Bi---g Shot from BB???" (She had to use the euphemism because her 3 year old daughter was in the room. ) Just sayin' those two went at each other harshly and it didn't help their situation much. I think it's the bus ride that did them in -- they didn't take the express bus.

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    I am so glad they are gone. I loathed her (I saw her on BB and she was horrid). Donny - what is your problem guy? He is a good looking man and I am sure he can find someone better than that controlling b__ch. I guess the producers think whining, screaming, tantrum throwing babies are what the audience wants to see and that is why they cast her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BravoFan
    I actually didn't mind the pair on the show, though I am thrilled they are gone. I was actually holding my breath because I was sure Phil was going to say this was a NEL round when they came in last.
    Exactly! Conspiracy theories were spinning in my head. Thank God TAR is too classy to take the low road to artificially keep those two on.

    What I saw of the map looked like a straight grid. How could they have gone so wrong?
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    What I saw of the map looked like a straight grid. How could they have gone so wrong?
    Because Donny's a dumbass. He's a hottie and a cutie, but really not the brightest bulb in the room. Watching him just standing there and looking bewildered at the map was painful.

    Alison made a major mistake by holding the dogs and giving Donny Doormat the map; another major mistake she made was agreeing with Donny to take the bus instead of a cab--that totally did them in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoBoFan
    Alison was Donny's downfall.... I liked him- he just had the wrong partner. That's really too bad.
    I have to disagree with you there. It seems that all the decisions that led to their downfall were made by Donny. (The dogs, the bus ride...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by happybanana
    I have to disagree with you there. It seems that all the decisions that led to their downfall were made by Donny. (The dogs, the bus ride...).
    I agree, but you missed his most important poor choice: Allison. In Allison's case, he was her poor choice. Having now seen him, I understand why she found the men in the BB4 house so interesting last year. A conversation with a sponge might be more interesting than one with Donny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCRUMPOT
    Does anybody think that maybe he was dumb with the dogs on purpose? To get away from Alison and just go home?
    That may be, but the bowling moms were with them for a good part of that task and they also seemed pretty lost.

    I'm glad they are both gone, but I have to admit that, in a certain way that I just can't explain, they were entertaining. Alison's reaction to the dogs "having fun" was priceless.

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    I can't understand why Ali took the dogs...it seems like Donny would have been able to keep them in better control than her,plus I think she would have been better at reading the map and/or getting someone to help them.

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