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Thread: Alison & Donny

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    I like them too. Quite the competitors!

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    Thank God that evil b$tch got eliminated! Shame on CBS for giving someone who is truly evil a chance at a million bucks just to boost their ratings --- how about a teeny tiny bit of morality! I know ratings are important, but giving this b$tch another chance to earn big money is beyond despicable. She came *very* close to winning on BB4 (she still got $50,000) and until today I was dreading watching every episode of AM5 wondering if she and Donny would win the game.

    Alison is smart, energetic, quick on her feet, deluded (she think's she's hot when she's at best a 7 on a scale from 1-10) and shameless. She would spit on her best friend to earn a few bucks and did things on BB4 no one would do unless they were narcisstic. Now I can watch AM5 worry free, but if another reality show gives that b$tch another shot I'll smash my TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skynet5000
    Alison is smart, energetic, quick on her feet, deluded (she think's she's hot when she's at best a 7 on a scale from 1-10) and shameless.
    Subtract another point for not knowing how to pronounce "Montevideo."

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    I'm so disappointed! I guess I just over-estimated Alison's ability to control her temper. :phhht

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    Byebye Alison and Donny. Enjoy your Hawaiian vacation...bwhahaha

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    I wondered if the nature of Allison's competitiveness would be a good thing in this race. In the end, she seemed just as much, if not more, in competition with Donny than with the other teams. It was not a pretty sight watching them self-destruct. Thanks to the two of them for giving back an hour to my life on Tuesday night; none of the remaining team hold any interest for me.

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    I promised myself that I would not be mean spirited today with this post ...

    So let me just say I am very, very happy that Alison and Donny got Philiminated last night!

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    Good grief, I have never seen any other fight that badly in just the second leg! There have been worse blowups, but much later in the race.

    I swear, I have never seen a team choke so badly so early.

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    I was glad that Alison and Donny lost last night. I don't think Donny could have survived much more of Alison. I sort of feel sorry for Donny......I really hope the he does rethink his relationship with Alison. What are the chances that he is the next "Bachelor"?
    "People are strange, when you're a stranger" - Jim Morrison

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    I was so glad to see them go last night! I am sure CBS assumed she would stay around a long time and make things interesting. Boy were they wrong. Maybe they will take a clue now and not cast anymore reality tv losers.

    While I do feel sorry for Donny. I seriously doubt that he is going to wake up and get a clue even after this. He has stuck with her this long. As for him being the bachelor. I doubt they could pay enough women to be put through that misery!

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