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Thread: Alison & Donny

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    The fact of the matter is that CBS is getting exactly what they want. They put Alison on the show to get people talking. In their minds more people talking about a particular team will probably ensure higher ratings. And guess what .. they are probably right!

    Lots of us that post at the FORT can't stand Alison, but we have not turned off TAR just cause of her. In fact, just look how many pages of comments there are for the contestents ... Alison and Donny have double the amount of pages as the other players. Now granted the comments are (generally speaking) negative towards Alison ... but that is what CBS wants ... people talking about the show.

    2ctheworld is now off SOAPBOX!

    PS .. I still end up doing this everytime Alison opens her pie-hole

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    I think Alison did a good job in making decisions and generally competing very well. I'm impressed. I've never watched Big Brother so I don't know how she is like, but I thought she was alright.
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    Even though I didn't like Ali in BB4, I got kinda mad when Jun ended up winning it, mainly because Jun didn't do much of all to win, except stay outta the way. The same thing happened in this past Survivor: B. Rob did all the work, and then the voters thought "hmm, he did lots of stuff, but he was bad, so I'll vote for Amber".

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ctheworld
    PS .. I still end up doing this everytime Alison opens her pie-hole
    LOL, then don't watch the Alison & Donny extra Insider video clip on the CBS Amazing Race website. Watching the clip cracked me up--Alison just goes on and on, and Donny ends up being a doormat as usual.

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    Yeah sure they weren't so bad the first episode, but just wait till the next one. Alison will be bringing out the claws in full force.

    I'm going to hate this girl with a severe passion before long. (I never saw BB4 so I don't have a preconcieved notion of her.)

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    You were smart Lil_Cutie not to watch BB4!!! Alison was horrible in that show -- she even insulted a contestant's 5 year old child! The winner, Jun was no better. In fact the whole season stank and I would of been better off not to watch last year!!! At least on the Race, she will have to concentrate on not finishing last thus less bashing of her opponents! I am not afraid of Alison -- bring it on!!!
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    "And it starts...." says Donny

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA oh man! i got a good laugh at that the first time i heard it.... as much as we hate the grade A certified B-itch, she is entertaining and i have no compliants of her participating on the show..... short of winning that is hehe

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    Even though I couldn't stand Ali on BB4, I think that this could be a better forum for her. Just as long as she keeps racing and beating up her punching bag boyfriend. She made the episode interesting and I was laughing my bottom off at her putting Donnie in his place. There is no reason that I can think of why Donnie would still be with Alison other then he enjoys being treated like he has the intelligence of a door nob. For that matter I don't understand why Ali is still with Donnie if he is such a nob. Oh, maybe it is because she couldn't handle a boyfriend that had a spine.

    I can't stand Ali but I can't stop watching her. I guess it is just the same reason I watch the Trailer Park Boys or Jerry Springer. To see what new lows they can sink to. At least the Trailer Park Boys are likable.

    Alison has at least one thing going for her. She is a good competitor and I would be very surprised if her and Donnie didn't win (That is if they don't implode). The Alison/Donnie duo is the only one that would give me any competition if I were to run in The Amazing Race. I am disappointed in the other teams. Some of them seem to lack common sense. But that is for another tread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mina
    At least now we can understand why Donnie is with allison. He's too stupid to know better. "DUR, Which way did they go allie, which way did they go?"

    They broke up last spring after the show was taped. Donny cheated on Allison. Perhaps some will say it is justice for her past behavior. I hope they both find happiness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noreen
    I have a feeling Alison will go out of her way to be annoying, mean, attention grabbing and get the most press and comments on this board. She will also be the one to beat. Donnie will tag along after her.

    I can hardly wait

    ITA this oughtta be very interesting to watch

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