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Thread: Alison & Donny

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooberoo
    Flo is one of my favorite cast members, and I think she really did get a bad reputation. Especially for the fact that this reality show shows people at their most stressed, in impossible situations. You can bet that any touching Flo moments were cut out of the show, so we don't know the whole story, and we shouldn't assume that we do.

    P.S. Of course, I've never met Flo. So Dave knows better than anyone.
    Flo might be a nice person in the real world, but she carried no weight in the game. All she did was complain about anything & everything. Alison however, unlike Flo will be a valuable player in the race!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TAR4 ATC Dave
    ... The exception to this is Steve and myself - we really ARE the exceedingly attractive hunks that you all saw. You DID see that, right?
    This I did not miss... I expect you're a pretty nice guy too the way you came in to defend Flo right away.

    Now I don't want you to get me wrong either... when people assume they "know" the person they are writing about, (good or bad), well that's just... for lack of a better word, dumb.

    I just went off and got all defensive because I personally try not to do that. Just a misunderstanding... Nice to meet you, btw.

    To scooberoo,
    I'm assuming now that you were talking about people in general too, sorry about getting on MY soapbox.

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    Putting it bluntly...I cannot stand Alison. I did a lot of live-feed updates for BB4 ...and she flat out made me ill. I hope she's eliminated quick.
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    Ali and Donny will probably do very well on this show. She is very competitive and athletic and always did well in the competitions on Big Brother. That is the only nice thing I can say about her. I still have not decided if I can stomach watching her again. As much as I love AR, I am not sure I am up to watching her be a backstabbing, manipulative, whining crybaby. They will probably go far in this race, but I sure hope they don't win!

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    I am so behind getting the dirt on the upcoming shows. Wow! I can not believe that Alison is one of the contestants on this show and her partner is Donnie. lol.

    At first I thought, this must be a joke, but it looks like TAR is now scraping the bottom of the preverbial reality TV food chain has beens by casting her. What, wasn't Jerri Manthey available? I'm thinking she's free for the summer.

    What about Sue Hawk? Oh, nevermind, she just had a make over. She can't hide in a house for a week or two, cause she wouldn't be lasting longer than that.

    I guess our blubbering little Alison will be filling the evil female/dominant female role on TAR this year.

    This ought to be good or seriously disgusting, haven't made up my mind yet.

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    Certainly Allison and Donny were well aware of the public view of Ali in BB4. Her few interviews after that show indicated that she understood why people reacted the way they did. I will be very surprised in the couple did not come into the show with a very specific game-plan on how to counteract the expected public impression from BB4. She should be completely prepared not to forget that the camera is on, and that all is fair game. I'll try to wait until after at least the first show before passing judgment, but I understand why others can't resist the immediate temptation to still "hate" Allison. We should be able to rise above it, but some of us are a little too much like Ali. After all, it's only a TV program.

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    Entertainment Tonight did a piece on TAR5 tonight. Showed a few clips, highlighted some of the couples, but nary a mention of Ali & Donny. I just found that funny.

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    True nuff ~ Zeus.

    She is the gal you love to hate. I'm pretty sure that is probably why TAR cast her in the first place.

    However, I am keeping an open mind. Frankly, either way, if I find I still can't stand her or she is far different with Donny in tow and I see another side, she will most likely provide some great drama on the show.

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    The bad news is,Alison is still a monster. The good news is,Alison is still a monster. I absolutely hated her on BB,but I think this is a better showcase for her. She is extremely competitive,and I think unless she completely loses her s#@!,she and Donny could go far. I didn't appreciate the 'midget' comments from either one of them. (Alison 'There's that f-ing midget,how did they get here so fast?/Donny 'You still got the midget to worry about') Clearly,neither is a braintrust.

    Donny may be a functional retard,since we're speaking politically incorrectly. I died laughing when Alison had to explain to him what a ferry was. What a nimrod. Did anyone else notice that he's extremely pigeon-toed? I can't believe he just sat there and stared off into space when Alison was explaining to the camera that she was more intelligent than him. She's right,of course,I just can't believe he didn't even try to take up for himself. I hope he makes a lot of money playing football. :rolleyes
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    I never saw Big Brother, it doesn't appeal to me at all. But I see why everyone hates Allison, what a beach. But I like Donnie even less, he is not only kinda dumb but a big cry baby, squealing that he was tripped on purpose when they ran across the pier. He probably fell over his own feet when someone accidentally bumped into him. What a loser.
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