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Thread: Updates of CBS TAR3 site

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    Updates of CBS TAR3 site

    Hi all, did you notice that there are some updates in the CBS site about TAR3.
    Check out each team's profile. There is a section called "after the race" and you can see some nice cartoon drawings from Sylvia, one of the soccer mother.
    I think she is really a nice contestant. She drew all the cartoons of the contestants. It is so nice of. As she is the first one to be eliminated, you can imagaine that this team has the least chance to know the other teams but she still cares about the race and help to protrait them.
    Really nice good work. Go and see those cartoons

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    Actually Sylvia is a good painter, from what Michael said, and since they all got to hang out while being sequestered, she did have plenty of time to get to know everyone.

    In fact, Michael said that she taught him how to paint, and he has his painting up on his web site.

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