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Thread: TAR6 Is going to be in fall of 2004

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    TAR6 Is going to be in fall of 2004

    I have an uncle who works for CBS, and he confirmed that the plans for TAR is going to air in Fall of 2004...assuming TAR5 does well in ratiings

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    If you look at the schedule of fall 2004 on the CBS site.. they do mention TAR but Saturday at 9:00 !

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    If you look at the "CBS Announces TAR6 Starts This Fall!!!" thread you'll see that this is old news. (But great news, nonetheless.)

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    the reason i posted this thread was that my uncle said that even though it was on the website, CBS was considering to save season 6 untill spring of 2005, but i found out from him that it is going to be in the fall

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