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Thread: And the whiner is..... TAR finale recap Pt. 2

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    It is 41,000 Miles not 44,000 Miles.
    I juz like Phil so much. Any news of him?

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    Well, we have the interview with him posted. Have you read that? It was done the day before the finale.

    He'll be doing TAR4 which is in the can, and he's got a new travel show coming out on A&E with Alex LcLeod.

    And of course, he's working heavily on his book.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    I can't believe I missed reading this for a whole week.

    Wonderful job as always Cali.
    Congratulations on all the excellent recaps this season.

    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Excellent job Cali (all season long!)

    This made me laugh!
    Run/walk, just donít cab it to International Fountain.
    What if you had to touch HAY?????
    This made me think back to one of your earlier recaps about hay being good enough for Jesus to sleep on!
    "They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air." (Bill Rancic - 4/04)
    Regarding editing reality TV: "You can't edit IN a bad personality." ("Cali"-11/02)
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