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Thread: Comments and thoughts on Flo & Zach Winning

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    An the Winning Team Is.....

    Zak and Flo! I bet they end up married.

    Wow! What a great ending! Everyone seemed to be happy, even without the million. It was all so exciting. I sure would have guessed them in reverse order or that Teri and Ian, then K&G, then Flo and Zak. Wow! The Squeeky wheel sure got the oil on this one! Two hours just flew by so fast.

    John, you sure called it on the Seattle bus, though I did not actually see it in the show...I guess I was not looking close enough. Great Job!

    Edited to clear up my own confusion.
    By great ending, I did not mean that I was happy about Z and F winning, just that everyone seemed so happy even though they won. If it were up to me I would strap Flo down and make her listen to herself for hours on end before releasing the money to her and would give Zack a bonus trip for his tortures.
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    It just goes to show you...

    that there is a God and he has the most sarcastic mean-streak of a sense of humor to let that whinning BITCH win this thing. I would have taken Ian over her any freaking damn day of the week. There is no justice in the world cause Zach had to kick her ass halfway around it to get to the end!!!!!!

    At least he knows better than to get serious with her now.
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    COngrats to da winners!

    is it true-? the winners are( spoiler duh)---------------> FLo n Zach!?

    COngrats (more so to Zach) for puttin' up wif flo. i was kinda hoping:

    a. ken/gerard would get it cos they BOTH worked well to get this far
    b. teri and ian only cos teri got enough crap from Ian this whole trip it - she really deserved it. I woulda smacked that man or somthin' :p

    c. flo and zach cos hey- take away flo's voice and u have an adorable best/friend...couple thing goin on ^_^

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    All's well that ends well

    I was thinking that this ending is proof that God isn't likely to too often get involved in human affairs...Then I considered the points at hand further: 1.) I am a near hopeless underdog-supporting idealist, and this trends to my detriment 2.) TAR host Phil K. should look for a personal enemy and/or a mole from a competing network amongst the TAR3 film editors (et al) because only an enemy player or players would have developed a story line which ended with a completely undeserving and unlikeable "Raving, Whiney Bitch" persona winning TAR3.

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    Congratulations to Zach!!!!! He deserved to win for putting up with that whiny little witch!!! He is the only one that should be getting the million dollars!

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    Let's hope that Drew gets some sense knocked into him as well. I would have serious doubts about getting involved with this high maintenance, self righteous person.

    Zach will have no problems finding someone that will treat him with the respect he deserves.

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    Yes i really hope Zach will a find a girl that treats him right! Not like Flo! Treats him like a piece of trash.... and she should not blame the editing.. cos man... nobody can whine and complain as much as that on national tv..

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    Maybe Zach shld use the money and go rebond his hair!!

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    I doubt that Flo and Drew will end up together. It definitely won't work

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    I'm so upset by this ending.
    Flo is such a bad ambasssador for thw show.
    She behaved like a complete brat throughout the series and was worst of all oin the final leg.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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