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Thread: TAR5 Starting Line **Spoilers**

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    The starting line is CONFIRMED Santa Monica Pier

    The itenary is above

    Filming was Jan 29 & 30.

    If anyone is from Miami, please go to city hall to find out the dates & location that WRP planned to film. On the web it is stated that WRP applied for a fliming permit in Miami on Feb 12, 2004...might be a potential finish line.

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    WoW! Sonic, you do impress me with your data-gathering. I am new in this board and I'm just as excited as everyone, esp. after finding out that TAR5 included my country in the list of places to be visited by the racing teams!

    Unlike most, I don't mind getting spoilers like this coz TAR is something I look forward to watching even if I already have some idea on where it is headed to.
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    Wouldn't Feb 12 be a little too early for the finish of the race if it started on the 29th/30th of January?

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