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Thread: Casting Call Suggestions

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    Casting Call Suggestions

    We are going to attend a casting call for TAR6 tomorrow, any ideas as to the profile for Amazing Race contestants, or other helpful suggestions?

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    I assume by "casting call" you do NOT mean that you've been called for a semi-final interview -- that seems impossible since apps aren't even due yet. If you have been, then as has been said many times before on here and elsewhere, you should probably immediately stop posting because they take their confidentiality agreements very seriously, and don't want you discussing your advancement through the application process AT ALL with ANYONE, including anonymously.

    On the other hand, it is most likely that you are talking about one of those group sessions probably at a local tv station or somewhere like that. From what I understand those are nothing more than a place for you to go to make your video. The people that will be running this won't be "looking for" anything, they are simply providing a camera and taping for you. It still goes to LA with all of the other applicants' stuff.

    And, as for what those in LA that review the mountains of applications are looking for. I don't think anyone really knows. Be yourself, comfortable, genuine, relaxed on the video, and hope for the best. Good luck.
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