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Thread: Alison Irwin from BigBrother to be on Amazing Race

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    Quote Originally Posted by phusion
    In addition to their schedule proximity, "Brother" and "Race" will be linked in another way: One of this summer's "Race" contestants will be 23-year-old Alison Irwin -- the runner-up in last summer's "Big Brother 4." She'll be paired with her boyfriend, Donny.

    I hope they're joking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Oh, that's horrible. Just horrible. It's obvious they wanted those two because no one can believe he would forgive Allison's infidelities and alligator tears. Fascinating, my left foot. I had the 24-hour internet link to BB and I don't say this lightly - this girl is trash.
    Trash is the perfect word. Donny must be some kind of moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott
    As I said in my previous post, Alison didn't seem to like how she was portrayed as the villian, and not the villian everyone loves to hate, the one that everyone just plain hates.
    Believe me, they could've portrayed her MUCH worse. Alison came off as Snow White on the broadcast show, compared to the Wicked Queen that she was on the Live Feeds.

    I watched the Feeds -- until I couldn't stomach her & Jun anymore. I still remember the hideous conversation on the basketball court between those two, where they maliciously discussed destroying the butterfly Robert had made for his little girl. They never showed that (or many other of her hateful, nasty, and downright disgusting comments) on the show.

    Flo is a pussycat compared to Alison.

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    The thing that dissapoints me about this is that an actual fan of the show was passed over just so they could have a bankable name or because Alison wanted another 15 minutes of fame.

    That's not to say that the other contestants applying arn't in it for the $ or fame but the odds of them being actual fans of the show is greater then Alison being one, it seems almost disrespectfull to the show to put her on.
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    Totally agree with you, Apollonia.

    I have no idea who this Alison is since we don't get US BB (thank god!) but I'm a bit curious- if she was the runner up on BB, wouldn't she won some prize money or something? Just seems unfair that she won something on BB and now has the opportunity to win a million - as well as travel all over the world (which I personally consider the better prize)
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    Alison is physically tough but really irritating *sighs* *crosses fingers* hope she gets eliminated within the first 3 legs
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    I was going to say the same thing, Darkensoul. She is physically strong as well as ultra-competitive. Her boyfriend was a football player so they will be physically a good team. I foresee them sticking in the race a good :rolleyes long time.

    If you didn't see BB, you can browse the graveyards here on BB to find out how she was specifically. Let's just say she's one of those females who sets feminism back about 500 years, sort of a Catherine the Great in making. What do you say about a woman who cries hysterically because she misses her boyfriend, turns around and does a lap dance the first night and eventually tries to seduce most of the guys in the house, spreads a rumor that one of them is gay - the one who was her closest ally, of course, calls an 8-year-old child nasty names and wishes violence on her, and never, ever stopped looking at herself in the mirror?
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    Reality stars are always saying how they want to compete on the Amazing Race. Anyway, I loved Flo, and I could not stand Alison one teensy bit. I feel bad for Flo with all these comparisons. I don't mind this 'twist' as much as everyone else is, but if you could remember one person from BB4, it's most likely going to be Alison. I will be thrilled if she leaves early.
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    But according to the spoiler with the final six, it looks as though Alison and Donny may be the team in the lead.

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    Please! The best description I can think of for Flo was a crying, whining baby that wasn't disciplined correctly as she was "growing up". The second Derek and Drew were eliminated she began to whine and make all sorts of comments about quitting and how she wasn't going to do this anymore - just like a child that doesn't get their way. I'm sorry, life isn't always exactly what you want it to be - grow up!!! Here she has been given the opportunity of a lifetime, a dream come true adventure that 20,000 other people got passed over for and all she can do is whine and cry about her situation when she is 1 step away from the prize. She was totally selfish, only caring about what she wanted. Zach had every bit as much invested in that team as she did and she is threatining to quit and "throw Zach hopes and dreams under the bus" without any consideration for everything they had gone through to get to that point.

    How embarassing would that have been for TAR and CBS if she actually had quit at that point in the race. In my opinion she could have ende up being really detrimental to the show. Look at what has happened to Survivor the last two seasons as first Osten quits and now this season two more players quit. For those who watched it just how did you feel watching the show for 40 minutes just to see 1 of the players quit at the end of it? It didn't do anything for me. Let's hope this type of thing NEVER happens on TAR

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    Oh good , the first TAR team with a team member willing to sleep her way across the world.

    Oh Donny, you know I love you, but we REALLY need this plane connection.

    I don't know whether I like this or hate it. :rolleyes

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