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Thread: Jenn and Tracey TAR Journal 8, "When Drew-uth is Stranger than Fiction"

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    I knew that Whiney was up to no good. Using a love potion sure make sense. I mean, why would Zach put up with her bitchy self, and why would Drew start flirting with her. Good things you ladies are there to give us the low-down on everything.

    And what are the odds that Jeff Byers from CM would be on that local station. Jenn had to be one lucky and happy lady, even with Jeff's german voice-over.

    Keep it up ladies!

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    I can't think of any reason that Drew might find Flo attractive. Then again, Zach has stuck with Flo for so long. Argh. I hope that love potion wears off soon.

    Good post! Always fun to read.

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    Wow...2nd place and not much further to go...WTG, you two!

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    Love potion that actually works?!? That's the first I've heard. Good thing it didnt sweep Drew off his feet.

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