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Thread: Post show discussion: 11/26 episode *Spoilers*

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    I agree phoenix, the Flo/Zach ff was ludicrous, they didn't have to do anything.
    Quite a contrat to the twins who had to do that spinning thing 100 feet in the air (apologies for not remembering what it was).

    I think that's been the only reasonably difficult FF that I can remember this year.
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    The thought suddenly came to me: You noe, when the teams choose to "run the numbers", seems to me that all the teams carried their backpacks with them. Wouldn't it make more sense to leave them behind at the vault? You can go faster without a heavy load on your back. There is a guard there, and they'd have to return to the vault anyway to key in the numbers?

    All of them were running around the city with their bagpacks!

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    Yeah, but there's probably no way they were willing to leave their backpacks again after the incident at RheinFall -- at least one would hope
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