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Thread: I have a TAR ??? re: travel arrangements

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    I have a TAR ??? re: travel arrangements

    I hope that someone could answer this question...What Do the contestants
    pay, if any, in regards to the travel arrangements like air, bus, boat, etc.- Are those
    fares from out of their pocket or is TAR very very generous? Could anyone please enlighten me?

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    The contestants are given money for each leg of the race.
    Last time they were only given one dollar, so thankfully they had all had enough sense to stock pile some cash.
    I can remember one leg of the race (in TAR2 I think) where they were not given any money at all.

    They each have an emergency fund which they can dip into only once. If they dip into the fund they might as well spend all the money as they cannot reseve any of it for later use.

    They have to pay for everything out of the cash they are given for each leg apart from plane tickets.
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