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Thread: Phil in Miss World 2003

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    Phil in Miss World 2003

    Saw Phil in the Miss World 2003 telecast last Saturday. He was one of the hosts of the show along with singer Coco Lee. He did a pretty good job hosting the show. Thank God he wasn't wearing any of those infamous sweaters from TAR4.

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    I saw him too. Couldn't believe my eyes... he looked a lot older, I think it's because of his hair I also thought he was a bit stiff but anyhow it was interesting to watch him say something besides "XX & YY, you're the last team to arrive."

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    Anyone has links to it ?

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    miss world 2003 links

    Quote Originally Posted by aMaZiN'RaCeGuY>
    Anyone has links to it ?
    I can't find the link for the actual telecast in the Miss World website. I found these instead:

    -- talks about Miss Ireland winning this year's title

    -- talks about one of the hosts in Miss World 2003.
    Phil is mentioned in JUST ONE LINE here.
    Why Phil doesn't have his own page when he's the more popular one is just beyond me.

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