Leave the Pit Stop and find the Seven Spires of Shang Mai

Clue tells our teams to go to Central Plaza, the tallest building in HONG KONG, get to the top of the building and find your next clue.

Wil: Now it’s every team for themselves right Tara?

Tara: Right Wil

Wil is starting to grow some balls, testing out his dominance for pack leader.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE we find ourselves with yet another equalizer… the dreaded flight to Hong Kong. While most teams decide to go to the air port to make the reservations, Os and Dan decide to find themselves some internet access and book their flights online. They seemed to find the calm way, but in the end it doesn’t matter as all teams have booked the same flights anyway…. Well all but Gary and Dave. Dave has booked a flight that will land them in Hong Kong 2 hours later than everyone else.

Gary: What the hell did you do, you’re a bleepin’ bleep bleep bleep

Dave: You have really hurt my feelings with the way you just yell at me

Gary: From now on I’ll deal with the people, you just open the clues, that can be your job ‘cause you’re such a bleepin’ idiot.

Dave You can’t change partners now ya know. We’re stuck with eachother

waaaa waaaa, whine whine.

Tara admits that she gets along better with Chris and Alex than she does Wil. I guess she wants to prove this point, so she sits on Alex’s lap…. So much for not rubbing it in Wils face. As much as I don’t like these FOUR, I have to say I hope Chris and Alex go first…. I think it would be more fun to watch Wil and Tara’s reaction to having them go. I don’t like Wil, but I would like to see him have just a little gloat time as the Boston Boys leave.

Gary and Dave have done something on the train that is taking them to CENTRAL PLAZA. They have a fan club, and one person offers to lead the way so they can find the building. The other passengers all yell “Bye bye” as they depart the train.

The knuckleheads find Central Plaza and are the first to read the REALLY BAD, SUCKY, STUPID, MORONIC, ASSANINE, clue: With the binoculars provided find the green and white star… OK… looking, looking, looking, looking, looking, looking……

Mary and Peach ask a driver if he knows where CENTER is. He asks if they mean Central, NO… they mean CENTER….. alas, we all know that they DO mean Central, but no matter how loud we yell, they won’t hear us. UH OH.

Gary and Dave are: Looking, looking, looking, looking, looking… the hell with this, let’s try the Fast Forward. They liken this using of the Fast Forward to losing one’s virginity. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, you can never have it back. They are nervous, yet excited…. I personally feel like maybe Gary thinks this is how it would feel on his big night, he just hasn’t been there yet.

FF~ Find a certain fortune teller. One team member must get his face read the other his palm. After the readings, you will be given the Fast Forward.

Mary and Peach find CENT ER building.
Mary: Is this the tallest building?
Some Man: not this building

Mary shows him the clue and he points to the words CENTR AL building.
Mary and Peach decide they will go for the FF when they reach the next clue. Mary admits that this mistake was huge.

Blake and Paige, Tara and Wil, and Chris and Alex all spot the Green and White star… it’s a ferry that is green and white. The ferry line is CALLED STAR lines.

Os and Dan seem to find the fery rather quickly.

Blake and Paige are growing on me. Not sure how to take it, as a fungus can grow on you too.


Wishing Tree or Herbal Tea

For wishing tree, you must take a taxi 18 miles away to the …. Drum roll please…. Wishing tree! Once there you must write a wish down on a scroll thingy and toss it up into the tree.

For Herbal Tea, you only have to walk a short distance, find a shop in a crowded market place (unlike all those NON crowded market places in Hong Kong) have the vendor mix you up some not-so-great tasting tea and drink it all.

Blaige, Twil, and Cralex go for tea. Os and Dan take the taxi.

Gary and Dave find the fortune teller. Dave has a great face, but should be wary of the people around him, as there are many that are two faced. Gary is smart, maybe too smart. Well she’s batting 50%.
They get the FF.

Mary and Peach arrive 10 minutes too late. Uh Oh They back track and find ferry. Decide to go for the tea.

Os and Dan get to the tree. They write their wishes… love and health (for whole family) respectively. Ahhhhh, ain’t that sweet?

Teams in search of tea, find it, drink it, get clue. Well, except for Mary and Peach, they are not there yet.

Team member who decides to perform this task must have steady hands high in the air.
This person has to climb to the top of a crane, use the crane to move a 200o pound container off a truck and put it on the ground. As soon as the crane is in it’s starting position the other team member can get the clue off the container and begin reading it.

Tara and Chris both start equally.

Tara, who is used to working with big dumb objuects is the first to complete the task.
Chris who IS a big dumb object has trouble.

Clue tells them to get to the PIT STOP in Hong Kong Harbor.

Peach gets sick from Tea. Uh Oh.

Danny and Blake are moving containers. Danny feels so masculine. Blake is having trouble. Keeps missing the container..

Peach gives up. Has no desire or drive to go on. Doesn’t want to leave the tea market. She’s tired, she’s hungry, she is ready to stop.

1st Gary and Dave (Yes they have been there for a while now)
2nd Chris and Alex
3rd Tara and Wil
4th Os and Dan (They are sure they are last and have been eliminated, Oswald feels like he could vomit on Phil’s shoes)
5th Blake and Paige (They are also sure they are last. Are very relieved to find out they are not)
6th well, they are off at a restaurant eating dinner now….. Yes, Mary and Peach, have been eliminated.
Bye Bye.